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Thread: Simple turbo kit (ebay)

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2010-02-04 20:40:40
Simple turbo kit (ebay)
Hi guys!

Yesterday a customer sent me a little ebay turbo "kit" for he's sr20de low port. The kit have (ebay parts):

- T3/T4 Hybrid .50/.63 turbocharger.
- 38mm wastegate.
- manual boost controller.
- Type RS bov.

Other parts:
- SSAC manifold.
- 2.5"downpipe.
- 30x11x2.5 intercooler.
- Ebay 2.5" piping kit.
- 3" exhaust.

My question is for 10psi, is CONFIABLE the EBAY manual boost controller and the wastegate? Experiences with ebay parts? I have good experience with ebay turbocharger but only on little turbo setups, more of 10psi BOOOMMM!!!
2010-02-04 20:57:33
install it and go
2010-02-04 21:07:25
make sure the exhaust housing on the turbo is not glued together. also check all the welds on the manifold.
2010-02-04 22:51:37
There is a local guy who uses the kits a lot. He's told me repeatedly that the turbos generally need some work because the tolerances are too loose and machine work is a bit shoddy. Also said the bov or wastegate are crap I forget which. Personally I don't buy it but there are a few cars running around the NW with these kits.
2010-02-05 07:13:57
for the turbo run an oil restricter

as for the wastegate and BOV ebay ones are crap, they dont function well
2010-02-05 11:25:41
i have seen a lot of problems with the manifolds cracking there are a few guys around me that brace them and they have had good luck , I have personally went for a ride in my buddys eclipse making a full pass down the highway and the wastegate flange almost falls off
2010-02-07 00:49:43
I have good experience with ebay bov's, only on little turbo kit's, no more of 15 psi.
2010-02-07 01:05:24
Get the welds redone on the manifold, junk the turbo, junk the wastegate, junk the boost controller. Actually junk the manifold and just run a stock gtir mani and turbo. Those Ebay turbos last like 5k and than they start smoking. I would rather bolt garbage to the side of my car than run those "Jdm sport" ebay turbos. Not being a dick, just saying. Do it right once.
2010-02-07 10:13:09
those ebay turbo's arent bad man

its just most ppl that run them, cheap out on other important places like tuning and oil lines/restrictors and etc. I seen an sr20 with a $200 ebay t3/t4 make 350whp and is still running 10kmiles later

Originally Posted by alfsentra
I have good experience with ebay bov's, only on little turbo kit's, no more of 15 psi.

the Ebay ssqv dont work
2010-02-09 01:03:41
i was runing an ebay boost controller like those ones incluided on the turbo kits, i never could seted right that piece of ****

and we tryed to install other on a b13 and was the same.
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