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Thread: Another one of these threads: Name that noise!

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2010-01-25 23:23:33
I was referring to putting the audio thru some software
2010-01-25 23:26:04
Originally Posted by Cliff
I was referring to putting the audio thru some software

still need a way to collect the data. a regular mic will not do it.

btw audacity works well and its free.
2010-01-25 23:29:38
Boo!!! That sucks

Watch it be the exhaust leak at the turbine housing that's causing the noise to be more pronounced than it should be Sometimes I just want to rip the exhaust off completely and run open downpipe. I haven't heard the car like that before.
2010-01-25 23:47:05
you dont want open downpipe trust me. It gets annoying quick
2010-01-26 00:24:44
^x2 I get pulled over constantly and finally couldn't talk my way out of the ticket last night.
WAY too loud, you think you have in cabin fumes now? Not to mention the car vibrates so much that all the change in the car rattles, the dash rattles, and my pioneer deck has to be on like 30 to hear anything.

I can't wait to get my cutout and put my old 2.25" exhaust back on. Btw, I was hearing that noise the other day, but I think its normal, I youtubed sr20 idle for like 20 minutes lol.
2010-01-26 00:45:40
I just wanna do it for a day. When we get moved into the house out in the sticks, I FULLY plan on pulling it off, just for a day.
2010-01-26 02:10:25
Cliff I think I used a stupid old copy of Cool Edit Pro (back when it was free) to show me the waveform of the ticking for my engine. I counted the ticks in one second and extrapolated out to a minute by multiplying by 60 and got about 750 ticks per minute at an idle speed of 1,500 rpm (that's what I meant by frequency). That's a tick every two revolutions, and that means it's valve train (because it rotates at half engine speed). It ended up being a bent valve making the noise in my case.

Any software that will show you the wave form will let you count the percussion events. Like I said I used Cool Edit Pro (Or maybe C0ol Edit 2000) but Audacity is probably a better option.
2010-01-26 02:45:19
Ha wouldn't that be my luck! A bent supertech valve

Cool I'll keep figuring out how to pull it from a .mov file and see what I can do Audacity beta didn't really like the file from the iphone so I may need to convert it to something understandable to Audacity. None of the codecs or plug ins worked.

Anyhow, turns out I'm paranoid, and that's fine with me.
2010-01-26 02:51:59
mine ticks too...no biggie
2010-01-26 05:29:55
The vid of my stage 2's in the gtir head got you thinking huh?
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