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Thread: my shot clutch and flywheel

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2010-01-18 06:00:29
my shot clutch and flywheel
heres the pics of what my flywheel and clutch looked like also took some pics of the tranny which has no visable imperfections. The clutch is hard to see but the springs are coming out and the flyweel was grinded down by the clutch. This clutch only has 800 miles on it. Anybody ever seen a clutch press against the flywheel like and destroy itself and the flywheel. Im wondering if it was the cause for the grind in second. I cant find not one peice of metal missing or any shaving in the oil or anywhere, Im taking the tranny to a proffessional tomorro to look it over if he doesn't find anything I think im going to reinstall it with another clutch disk and flwheel.

2010-01-18 07:17:39
When my springs popped out I had to force it into the gears. So I'm going to say yes it was the clutches fault.
2010-01-18 09:36:14
This happened to me 3 times. I went through 3 clutches within a 4 month period, one broke after 100 miles. I changed variable after variable. Finally, I had a stillen flywheel, I put the stock one back on and it never broke a clutch again. I think I had a flywheel that wasnt machined properly, so when the clutch was engage, the springs were grinding on the flywheel inner diameter.
2010-01-18 15:06:36
same thing happened to me with the comp clutch.
2010-01-18 16:37:35
Pictures are kinda small to further tell what else is going on.

I'm guessing your another victim of ACT?
2010-01-18 18:42:00
Originally Posted by Vadim
Pictures are kinda small to further tell what else is going on.

I'm guessing your another victim of ACT?

Yeah im going to take some better pics, nope that was a jgy clutch..I knew better . Clutch has less than 800 miles on it. I think im going to put a new clutch disk on and a new flywheel and then just put the same tranny back on because I can't find one thing wrong with the tranny. So it seems everyone has had their share of problems when useing spring clutchs I wonder what causes this.
2010-01-18 19:04:01
K took better pics of everything
2010-01-18 20:49:05
thats what happens when you buy crap. do it right the first time
2010-01-18 23:13:51
K I got the flywheel machined today, its completely flate now all the way across will post pics later.
2010-01-18 23:55:42
This is why I've been rocking and repping the ClutchNet guys. Look at how the springs are protected.

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