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Thread: T28 Fitment Issues? Compressor Outlet

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2010-01-17 19:21:20
T28 Fitment Issues? Compressor Outlet

I've been reading a few posts and it seems the T28 or similar turbos have issues with fitment on the B14(assuming B13 too?) when clocking down. What are some tricks to getting the GT28 turbos to fit on a B14 when it comes to the compressor outlet pipe? Do I need a custom dogbone mount or is there any way to keep the stock one? Also, CS doesn't seem to make them anymore? What are some other options? Will the Avenir T25 outlet pipe work on the 2871r? Any other advice would be helpful.

2010-01-17 19:45:23
Also interested in this thought, I'd love to clock my T28 down on my B13, but yeah, the stock mount gets in the way.
2010-01-17 20:01:42
dogbone or cs mount
2010-01-17 20:07:58
Originally Posted by 2dr_sentra
dogbone or cs mount

Is the CS guy still making them? I can't find them on his site. Also, even w/the CS mount, some people still have fitment problems.

Is there a cheaper alternative to the CS mount?
2010-01-17 20:43:50
Andreas used to make a mount for that too try him.
2010-01-17 20:45:10
Front mount is useless, I don't even have one.
2010-01-17 21:10:11
Yeah the front mount is kinda a joke. Its there for looks lol
2010-01-17 21:48:00
Turbo Time makes a dogbone.
2010-01-18 00:25:03
Don't forget having to reposition the wastegate when clocking down.
2010-01-18 01:48:17
How do you guys figure the front mount us Useless?
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