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Thread: GT42r ????

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2010-01-16 19:14:59
GT42r ????
Just as a thought since the car in the video that jun posted had no problems spooling a GT35r , how do you think a GT42r would do on a 2.2L motor with a VE head reving to 9k+ range would do ...just through it out there , of course there would be supporting mods like a DIS 4 coil ingnition setup , 1600cc injectors ,dual pumps walbaro feeding anther larger pump and a air to water intercooler ...and such , just thinking
2010-01-16 19:16:32
old school... there are similar output turbos with higher efficiency and spool characteristics.
2010-01-16 19:19:50
We we just throughing some ideas around , there is also the new 67mm billet in BB but it is only avalible in large shaft now ...but there are a few non bb units in the shelf right now at the shop ...
2010-01-16 20:08:29
Bad ass turbo right there.....That's all i got to say about this on a 2.? ve motor.
Not a bad way to spend $2300.....

Bring on the haters.....
GTX-R series for 2010....
2010-01-16 20:17:26
BIG turbo and journal bearing? I'd say you'd have to keep that head revving at 9k. I agree though, there are other options out there...what else do you have on your shelf??

Wait 42r is bb isn't it?
2010-01-16 20:27:18
42r would be BB ....the 67mm's on the shelf are not ...they are at my friends shop , he has a few SC6262's and 67mm's and 76mm's on the shelf ....he might have a GT47r also , I cant remember ...that one is big !! This is all just a thought.
Oh and also the 62mm's and 76mm's are for compound setups for the new cummins
2010-01-16 20:49:51
Bw S372 With Race Cover
2010-01-16 20:57:31
BB is over rated, you don't need. if you intend on driving the car on the street don't bother, it won't last as long as a journal bearing turbo and i don't really think that spooling up a couple hundred RPM's faster is worth that much more money.

the 42 is an awsome turbo and makes/supports some stought power numbers. but there are a few versions of it 4202 is 71.7mm and the 4294 is 74mm. there are many other ways to go as well

PTE 72HP billet, rated to 950 hp
BW s400sx (71mm or 74mm) chris miller of ngr tech runs this
and garrett is comming out with thier new GTX series turbo's

there is many many options, have to basically look at what you would like to make for power, you can make great power with the new 6765 billet(getting one for myself)and i believe there is a larger exhaust wheel option. best place for researching this would be on honda-tech.com in the drag race section.

ill pm you some more ideas
2010-01-16 22:44:21
i dont know where you are getting your info from but a BB turbo will last alot longer than any journal bearing turbo will as long as you properly lubricate it, but thats the case with any turbo.
Its just common sense. The main advantage of BB isnt faster spooling its better mechanical efficiency and an indestructible center section (unless you starve it of oil or run contaminated oil or ingest FOD).

Ive always been a fan of the GT42R. For a large turbo, the GT42R is pretty bad ass, IMO. I think it would be cool to see somebody run one on a stroked engine with a properly built manifold. Lots of power to be had there! on a 2.2L with a good manifold it would spool well enough to keep some traction LOL
2010-01-17 00:12:27
if that is the case with ballbearing turbos, why do many of the fastest 4whackers to hit the track don't run coolant through them. i have seen many BB turbos **** well before thier expected time was up. friend of mine has a GT35R that took a **** only weeks after getting the car running, and i have had many people tell me that if you drive the car on the street to plug the coolant ports and not run them. just passing on the info.
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