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Thread: help the car wont pass over 6000rpms

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2010-01-08 20:10:17
help the car wont pass over 6000rpms
last weekend a friend of mine just finished to installed a t25 setup on his b13:
t25 turbo
avenir manifold
370cc injectors
ecu programed for 370cc, stock maf, turbo
jwt s3 cams
port and polished head
skyline r34 fuel pump
blitss bov (blow trhough)
stock maf
srt4 intercooler, with custom intercooler piping
3^jpipe 2.25 direct line with greddy exhaust

ok the car runs strong until 5500rpms from that the rpms move very very slow and wont past over 6000, its like there was a rev limiter to 6000rpms.

then i set te base timing to 15degree and gaped the sparks at 0.30,the car runs great it climbed to 7200 rpms but just a few runs

so we compare his car with mine´s and at the same psi (6) my car felt = in power but i can rev mine´s to 7000 with no problem and still have power

i dont have a port & polished head and i´m runing my stock cams. so that b13should feels a lot much powerfull than mine´s, what could be the problem on ???
maybe the maf its to clouse to the tb?

i´ll do a boost leak test and check the timing again this weekend my poor friend its soo disapointed, his car used to runs great before the turbo and now any honda with a b16 engie beat him

here´s some pics

extra picture jaja the chanate and the barneymovil
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