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Thread: One of the dumbest questions I think I have ever asked:

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2010-01-06 22:52:41
One of the dumbest questions I think I have ever asked:
Just sent my friend a FWD SR20DET MAF (GTI-R to be exact), and he's planning on using it on a RWD S13 SR20DET setup in his 240sx. Is there anything in particular he needs to do in order to use the MAF on the RWD setup? I assumed it was plug and play into the SR harness, but he's saying that it didn't work? MAF was a known good...
2010-01-06 23:00:59
i think the gtir maf is a different hotwire reading than the s13. If he needs an s13 maf i have one i can sell him cheap, $50 shipped. The b13 se-r maf is plug and play. Plugs right in and is the same hotwire rating. i believe hotwire 6. I think the gtir one is hotwire 5 rated.
2010-01-06 23:02:04
Ps the maf i have is from an s13 so there would be no questioning. haha Ive had it sitting for a while now but should work perfect.
2010-01-06 23:11:38
A few years ago I lent my friend the maf from my bluebird setup for his S13 sr setup. It worked fine for him. Now I am not sure what the difference is between the Gtir maf the fwd de/det maf.
2010-01-06 23:14:49
Its just like our cars dude. The maf will work if he wires it in and compensates for the voltage differences with the ecu or a piggyback controller
2010-01-06 23:18:53
if the maf's have the same hotwire rating they will work together. Just like the s14 motor uses a hotwire maf rating of 5, and the dual cam KA uses the same maf hotwire and it plugs right in. No changes necessary.

Same goes with the b13 se-r maf to the s13's. Both hotwire 6 rated, both plug right in without wiring it in, and no changes necessary. I have already proven this in person with swaps ive done.

Its when you use a different hotwire maf than what the ecu is programmed for is when you need to make changes with a piggyback or custom ecu.
2010-01-06 23:21:01
My question is what is the difference between the Gtir maf and the other fwd mafs.
2010-01-06 23:27:23
lol, the hotwire rating, pretty sure its a hotwire 5 instead of 6. I will provide a link to prove this, give me a minute.
2010-01-06 23:36:21
here is one link showing the size, pn, and hp rating.

The GTIR maf is the same size as the b13 maf's but is rated for an additional 40whp, This is because of the hotwire rating.

MAF Size, Part #s And WHP Output - SR20 Forum
2010-01-07 01:46:01
Clarification here guys, I think we're off track a little bit:

It's a stock DET setup, complete from ECU to harness, etc. etc. Pretend the car is RHD direct from Japan if you have to.

I'm trying to verify if the MAF needs to be re-wired, or if the GTI-R DET MAF should be the same wiring as an S13 DET MAF. Does he need to cut and re-wire the MAF, or not?
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