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Thread: Oil Squirters...Absolutely necessary? I don't think so...

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2010-01-06 13:42:55
Oil Squirters...Absolutely necessary? I don't think so...
I want to hear honest opinions on Oil Squirters and if you feel they're absolutely necessary or not.

What I've been thinking, is rather than someone upgrading their oil pump to a VE/GTI-R pump on a DET, just blocking off the oil squirters.

Matter of fact, removing the oil squirters and blocking off the ports on a DET with stock DET pump could actually raise oil pressure to something like VE oil pressures.

Was just thinking about this since I know the Honda boys delete their oil squirters damn near anytime they go boost.
2010-01-06 13:47:00
^I'm with you Tekkie. I want to know as well. I thought oil squirters were mainly designed for cars that spend a lot of time on the track or in turns. I have a VE oil pump for my DE+T build.
2010-01-06 13:50:29
If you block off the squirters WITH the VE pump, your pressures will clear normal VE pressures. Don't the VE's have oil squirters as well? I would be concerned with having TOO much oil pressure.

I know one of the big differences between the Honda motor and Nissan motor is the open deck vs. closed deck. Hondas get a lot more coolant around the sleeves of the block, whereas Nissans do not.

However, if you look around, there are a LOT of DE+T guys that don't have squirters to begin with, and they seem to have ZERO issues with rotating part temps.
2010-01-06 13:52:10
All I'm getting at is that it could be a VERY cheap solution to those wanting to run a VE pump, which requires the spacer, pulley, etc. Removing the squirters = Free plus the cost of bolts to block off the squirter galleys.
2010-01-06 13:58:47
You don't NEED them. I certainly like having them.....
2010-01-06 14:09:51
Dave, can you elaborate? You like having them just because you've always had them there? Or you've got some data?

2010-01-06 14:51:44
i optioned to use my VE block on my build for one because of the better designed oil ports and oil grooves on the main bearing bores on the block side. Also because of the squirters as well. I like having the extra oiling to the cylinder walls especially when your turning 8k rpms. Im sure it also provides some extra cooling to the pistons under high hp applications.

So any plus that can be gained from it, ill take it. Im using the VE pump with my setup as well and i see nice high oil pressures now that i got that chain oiler put back in. 30psi at idle warmed up and 50psi by 3000, 75psi by 4k and it goes up with rpms. So im not too worried about pressures at all.

I also use mobil 1 15w50 for the added cusion that high hp motors need. All my internal parts looked great after 8500 miles of absolute total abuse. No abnormal wear on anything.
2010-01-06 15:14:42
There purpose is to cool the piston, not to lube "rotating parts". Obviously there not a must, but its another comfort. There is a reason the det motors have them and the de does not as temps are obviousyl much higher in the boosted engine...
2010-01-06 15:21:43
i understand their purpose is to cool the pistons down, but im sure they also provide extra lubrication to the cylinder walls as well at the same time.

But like you said, any extra comfort i can get from it is great. Kinda like a peace of mind.
2010-01-06 15:45:27
OEM Nissan Oil Squirters SR20DET

^I thought about getting some of these awhile back, but I held off.
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