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Thread: intercooler thoughts

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2010-01-05 18:01:10
intercooler thoughts
Pre-Intercooler Cooling Pipe

thought it was kinda interesting, what your thought everyone
2010-01-05 18:06:32
I don't know if there is enough surface area for the internal flow to exchange heat.

Seems like a waste of money.
2010-01-05 18:06:46
I dont see that really doing much either...
2010-01-05 18:09:09
i thought the same thing i dont see if being very efficient
2010-01-05 18:11:33
I know a local guy around here that runs this on his hot side. Its a high ten sec k24 240sx. He says that he has always logged his intake air temps and he claims they went down quit a bit when he installed it.. I believe the guy, he just some cool old man, with no reason to bs
2010-01-05 18:21:52
Yeah I would love to see some proof. Otherwise I will stick with a proper intercooler and meth injection
2010-01-05 18:24:33
This is not meant to replace an intercooler, its just a heat sink to help bring down the temps on the hot side before even entering the ic. Heat sinks are proven to lower temps. Look at a lot of electrical components. They use heat sinks like this all over.
2010-01-05 18:27:18
Yes cory. I know. That's not what I was getting at. Sorry if my post confused you. What I meant to say was, I will stick to my proper intercooler that keeps charge temps down, and my meth injection which lowers them even lower. I realize its a heat sink.

Heat sinks work better though when the majority of the mass you are trying to cool actually comes into contact with the sink.
2010-01-05 18:43:18
Assuming it does pull heat from the charge air, I would think it's drawback would be cooling itself down. Your intercooler gets a lot of cold air from the front of the car but this thing would be tucked away somewhere and wouldn't get nearly as much air flow.
2010-01-05 19:19:18
I can see weird, extreme examples where this would be a good idea (rear mounted turbo maybe?) but in general I wouldn't consider it. Who has a straight section of charge pipe that long surrounded by cool air? *shrug*
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