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Thread: Bucking issue at full throttle

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2010-01-02 22:59:56
Originally Posted by BenFenner
Depends where your MAF is. If it's draw-through then you could have unmetered air while in boost. If it's blow-through then you're right, it's not really possible.

Nevermind, Im a moron. I misunderstood the blowoff valve connection. There are several areas where there could be a leak between the MAF and the turbo inlet.

I am gonna pressure test the system tomorrow and see if I can find any places that unmetered air could be getting in. The thing holds boost for sure so I dont think there are any leaks on the pressure side.

I really suspect it might be overwhelming the MAF. It made 215whp at 7psi in Hawaii where it was 85 degrees and 65% humidity. Now I am hitting 9psi when it is 30 degrees outside. It has to be near that 250whp threshold listed for a stock MAF.
2010-01-03 00:06:23
Originally Posted by sr20sleeper
I dont smell any fuel, it runs perfect except when I go full throttle. Its a really strange problem.

Thanks for the welcome... Im actually from Chesapeake and I prefer living here but I could see why you might say that. Especially in January. Have you been to Hawaii? Dont believe the hype, it is OK but it is NOT paradise unless you make a million dollars a year. Trust me.

I believe it. The cost of living nowadays for Hawaii is sky high im sure. I've yet to go, but hope to vacation there soon. Any luck on your issue yet? I'll be back in Norfolk next week and maybe we can both resolve our issues then if you haven't already. Good luck.
2010-01-03 17:55:22
Well, i currently feel like a complete moron. I went and checked the spark plug gap, my bkr7e's were at .45 and from what Ive read a boosted sr should be around .32 or so. I regapped the plugs and took it for a spin, it runs like a champ! I am holding 8-9psi all the way up to redline. I dont want to assume it is fixed just yet, but it sure looks that way.
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