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Thread: another "breaking up" thread

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2010-01-01 20:57:07
another "breaking up" thread
yeah, so i just got my nx back together. had been a gtir swapped car......put in a high compression de, with a 57 trim t3/t4, 50 pound hr injectors, combra maf, jim wolf.....basic stuff. anyways. cars together, idles great, runs just about perfect patial throttle, but when i open it up, it breaks up, and starts running like a subaru for a little bit.....realy lopey/chopey, like ive blown out the spark.....and after you give it a second, it goes back to running normal. takes about 10 seconds for it to start running right, sometimes it stalls if you dont feather the throttle. ive got my spark plugs set at .025, is this enough? should a drop them down again, or what? i JUST got this car on the road, and its open downpipe right now.....not exactly good for wide open throttle runs, so i figured id aask and see what everyone thought. i kind of figure its the plugs, but who knows. hell it could be the knock sensor wire came loose.
2010-01-02 00:03:41
I assume highport. If so, the coil may be weak. How do the cap and rotor look? What plugs are you running? Symptoms of blowing out spark are a little different, at least in my case they were when I was blowing out spark at 28psi. It felt more like a fuel cut than a rev cut, and wasn't something that took a little bit to resolve itself. Sounded like I was using a two step after 6500rpm.
2010-01-02 00:17:55
sounds very similar to what im experiancing.....i AM running all stock electronics/fuel pump....im ONLY at 6 psi, which is why i havent upgraded. ill take a look at the cap/rotor. i think i used the one off the gtir motor, IT didnt have any problems, which is why im a little confused. but yeah, it could be something as simple as a worn out rotor button, wouldnt hurt to freshen all that up. ive been thinking about sticking a 6al and 2 step on it anyway, so that will handle the coil, if the coil is the issue. i just drove it it did it again.
2010-01-02 00:25:50
Wait you're not running an upgraded fuel pump?

I don't know what our stock pumps are rated for, but the 190lph pumps are rated for ~350-400whp, according to what I've read.

Stock fuel pumps are less than 190lph pumps, I think?

EDIT: Disregard. Just did some more research. I don't think the fuel pump would be an issue.
2010-01-02 01:34:04
Had the same problem it was my wires #2 wire had a split by the plug. Ran fine while I was out of boost but as soon as boost hit I had nothing
2010-01-02 17:08:31
Out of curiosity, did you reverse the two outer wires on the TPS pigtail back to the way they were before the gti-r swap?

From the couple of boosted SR's we had in my area, they had also started this issue from something as dumb as a bad ground. I don't see anywhere which plugs you are running. Also, what do you have them gapped to?
2010-01-03 05:49:01
just pulled the plugs.....bkr7e. stock fuel pump has been good for me to 300 hp in the past.....figured id use it to get the car up and running before i go crazy with boost numbers. they are currently gapped at .025. im using the wires in distributor that were on the gtir motor i pulled out. so i FIGURED that the wires and distributor were good, they were fine before. i dunno. just picked up a msd 6al, maybe that will help, but i want to pinpoint the problem before i start throwing parts at the car.
2010-01-03 05:49:30
and yes on the tps wiring. its all back to stock.
2010-02-09 00:51:24
ever figure this problem out?
2010-02-09 02:37:55
Stock fuel pump is good. You shouldnt have a problem there. Ive used it for WELL above 300hp just because i was to lazy to change the thing.
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