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Thread: Last Big Upgrade on the Sentra

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2009-12-25 13:28:30
Normal lovefab manifold is going to be worth it if you can swing the cost or find a deal on a used one.
2009-12-25 18:09:44
I can swing the price for a twin scroll if I go with an HX35 because it utilizes 3" exhaust which makes my exhaust system cost MUCH cheaper. The HY35 isn't twin scroll but the HX is... Plus the HX35's are alot easier to find. Just curious as to what manifold dan martin can make me.
2010-03-19 02:28:47
Well I ended up buying another truck instead of fixing the Sentra. I miss the power though so I am going to start putting it back together. I have a rebuilt HY35 turbo, and I will probably use a log manifold because I'm broke right now =P. I will utilize the hole in my bumper and build another custom side exit (4" this time).

I want to keep my Subaru injectors for the moment, and they are good up to about 400whp, so I will keep the boost below 15psi. I am worried about spool, so I need a good manifold. If I could find a tubular for cheap that would be excellent but I don't know if that's possible. Basically, I need the turbo to be as far to the drivers side and as low as possible (not sidewinder style) so I can have ample room for my exhaust routing. It also needs to have a 44mm flange (v-band hopefully). Other than that I don't really need anything else to get the car going. Suggestions are welcome!

Thanks again guys
2010-03-19 03:23:06
Cody can make some nice pieces ......they are not the cheapest though , there is a lifetime warantee also
2010-03-20 16:05:15
considering the size of this turbo the spool isn't too bad. when mine was running I was on 18psi and I would hit full boost by about 4k and I wasn't even using a twin scroll manifold. I have a 7-blade HX35.

just so you know the v-bands on the turbos are unique to holset. they are not standard sizes. the 3 diesel shops I visited locally couldn't find anything for me, well without it costing a sizeable amount.
2010-03-20 19:09:17
Yea I will have to weld one half of the vband clamp (the slip fit part that goes onto a pipe) to the exhaust housing. That will be fun! If you were making 18psi by 4k rpm then the hy35 should spool faster because it has a smaller exhaust housing. Any estimates on power levels at 15psi (with the supporting mods in my sig).
2010-03-20 21:01:00
no idea about power. never got the chance to dyno that setup before i spun a bearing.

it was considerably faster than the big t28 that i had at the same pressure. that's all i can really say
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