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Thread: what FPR to run and walbro fuel pump ?

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2010-01-01 04:37:29
Are you haveing problems with yours Mr specV? Are you saying the bottom one is stock?

Got my pump in today everything is good. Car is running super rich without safc2 so Im going to lean it out some with the safc2, Im running 10.00-10.50 all the way through to redline. Fuel pressure is around 36 psi with vacuum connected. Glad that I finally have the fuel issue worked out. I got a local shop that is gonna let me do unlimited pulls on their dyno for a 100 bucks so I can see a log on my AF all the way to redline and get it running perfect.
2010-01-01 04:47:53
So fuel is rich even above 10 psi? That's great news.
2010-01-01 05:58:47
Originally Posted by BenFenner
So fuel is rich even above 10 psi? That's great news.

yeap, got scared when I got it back home, the car just died for no reason, I poped open the fuel tank and the wire harness to the fuel pump had come loose, I wish it clipped on or something, I don't wanna be going down the road wide open and it come loose that wouldn't be good at all.
2010-01-01 15:41:03
the top one in my picture is stock lol. no problems here i have had a walbro in my car for 4 years. but you can see that the walbro is a good 2/3 the size of the stocker with out the sock that it fits in.
2010-01-11 20:04:21
look @ what i got

2010-10-13 15:20:36
Originally Posted by Cliff
Right, but there are variants as Ben mentioned (good catch, Ben). There are low pressure and high pressure 255lph pumps available.

The part number difference is either 341 or 342 for the high pressure Walbro 255lph, and the 317 is the low pressure Walbro 255lph pump. The difference isn't HUGE, but the relief spring in the low pressure pump may not be able to support flow volume at a higher pressure rating (like 20lbs of boost with base fuel pressure at 43psi.)

Originally Posted by BenFenner
From what I'm reading you're using the low pressure Walbro 255 pump. WRONG PUMP!
If you were carburated you'd be fine with the low pressure pump. You're not carburated!
You need the high pressure Walbro 255 pump.

Your understanding of the stock FPR seems to be correct from what I'm reading.
YES! You should be running the HP pump instead of the LP pump!

^Wow. I'm glad I searched this. So where can I get a good 342/high pressure 91-94 Walbro 255lph pump?

Originally Posted by cortrim1
91-94 has one p/n and 95-99 has another. I am not sure of the difference either.

Originally Posted by Mr.sentra_specv
most likely the same pump with different mounting equipment. since the 91-94 ser pumps are physically larger the walbro it needs a install kit to make it work.

^B13 and B14 have different part #'s?
2010-10-15 14:23:33
Wow, I can't believe Ben hasn't replied to this yet. I'll see if GregV has the pump.
2010-10-15 15:32:38
I can get whatever pump you need. YEs the pumps and install kits are different between B13 and B14.

255 (nonHP) are good for below 400HP, 255HP pumps should ONLY be used for high horsepower cars. They will actually overwhelm the system and can make the car run poorly. Don't be afraid to use a 255 (nonHP) if you're only making 300 something HP.
2010-10-15 15:37:15
- I should only be making around 240-260WHP on my N/A VE. What pump do you suggest for me?
2010-10-15 16:17:52
Originally Posted by MR-4Door-SR20DET
- I should only be making around 240-260WHP on my N/A VE. What pump do you suggest for me?

190lph walboro. I think I got a spare.
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