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Thread: t 28 j pipe bolts

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2009-12-18 01:21:18
Originally Posted by coach
I was talking about the ones on the housing that the Jpipe slips over. the ones on the jpipe that you connect the DP to, i don't remember what those are. I can check a couple with my gauge and find out though i think (if i can find that gauge).


Yeah, you're right. I just reread his first post. I thought he was talking about the other ones.
2009-12-18 01:33:53
I ordered those from Greg. One phone call and the package showed up the next day.
2009-12-25 16:27:37
i have tried reaching Greg for all of my needs..but the last 2 calls were not returned..i'll be off to the depot in the am..47' on saturday will be great.also will this gasket fit on the turbo exh side?its a gtir t28 with the bb o2 housing
looks very similar to part# SKU: 14445-79E00
2009-12-25 18:51:34
you know that they use locking plates to keep the nuts from backing out. I went to the dealership and got 2 from a Z32 for like 10 bucks.
2009-12-26 15:03:20
i might just go to the dealer for those 2..hopefully greg v will return my call on monday
2010-01-18 20:04:33
being that my j-pipe to dp gasket either melted off or muffler cement did the trick the first time? is this the correct gasket? the stock bb j pipe does not look 3'' and my dp is only 2.5
2010-01-18 20:13:09
The flanges should be the same regardless.
2010-01-18 23:46:38
The Japanese aren't very good with inches, so the stock jpipes are 70mm (~2.75 inches). A 2.5 inch flange is a little too small and a 3" flange is a little too large. Most downpipes (like my vrs) just use a 2.5" flange, then flare out to 3" (assuming it's a 3" dp). My old Hass downpipe was a true 3" with the bolt holes drilled out, which was nice. It makes tightening the nuts nearly impossible though, so I had it dimpled to give me room to get a socket in there.

Pictures of both in the links below:

SR20 Forum - View Single Post - B14 Sentra SE Project

SR20 Forum - View Single Post - B14 Sentra SE Project
2011-09-29 15:23:35
Originally Posted by Ken's
Were they the locking type? That's a deal.

Bump from grave.

I was wrong. Yes they are the locking type.
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