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Thread: t 28 j pipe bolts

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2009-12-17 20:52:01
I don't think so. They didn't have the little slits in them if that's what you mean.

Edit: JK they do have slits and are locking.
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2009-12-17 21:49:23
Originally Posted by BenFenner
I don't think so. They didn't have the two little slits in them if that's what you mean.

those are the non locking type. the locking type are good and bad. the good they are not going to back off. the bad the stud comes out with a nut attached and you need a vise to remove the nut.
2009-12-17 21:51:20
So the non-locking nuts have the slit in them?
2009-12-17 22:01:18
The ones from ATP have one slit, running perpendiculer to the thread at the top of the nut. I haven't had any issues with these nut pulling out the stud, but I did loc-tite the studs in.
2009-12-17 22:44:43
Fasteners : atpturbo.com

i dont see any 10x1.25 on their site..

on mcmaster's can i just use this?
2009-12-17 22:53:45
Excuse the confusion. I believe you were given bad information. They are really M8x1.25 studs that you need, with matching nuts.
These are the ones: 8mm (1.25pitch) Stud : atpturbo.com

Right guys?
2009-12-17 23:28:46
Originally Posted by BenFenner
So the non-locking nuts have the slit in them?

if they have the slits they are locking.
2009-12-17 23:31:31
Hey T, be careful when you try out the new studs. My jpipe isn't a GTIR, so they may be different. Mine is from an Avenir I think, but it may be from a Bluebird. Anyhow, copy and quote from my old project thread:

Originally Posted by swiss
I ran into some trouble on the j-pipe studs. I read that the j-pipe studs were the same as used for the manifold (M10x1.25). Sure enough, the 10x1.25 nuts threaded right on. The first two studs came off without incident. I had to get medieval on the last one with vice-grips, but no big deal.

Then I started to turn in the first stud (the hole I got medieval on). It didn’t really want to go, but I thought it just needed a little encouragement. I forced it a couple of turns before it started to feel really wrong. I backed it out and saw it was starting to chew up the threads. It took me forever to figure out what was going on… the original stud was two totally different threads! The “anchor” end was M10x1.5 and the “nut” end was M10x1.25. WTF?!

I picked up a tap from NAPA to clean up the threads, and I tried to find a stud like it. I checked with just about every parts store in town and even looked online, but couldn’t locate one. I ended up just buying some M10x1.5 studs and some new nuts to match.

2009-12-18 00:00:47
I was talking about the ones on the housing that the Jpipe slips over. the ones on the jpipe that you connect the DP to, i don't remember what those are. I can check a couple with my gauge and find out though i think (if i can find that gauge).

2009-12-18 01:06:24
manifold and exhaust housing use 8x1.25mm and the j-pipe to dp are 10x1.25mm.
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