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Thread: H-town...We're Different :V. A2W IC setup 1000HP ;)

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2009-12-16 18:05:22
H-town...We're Different :V. A2W IC setup 1000HP ;)

Yes, yes you're eyes are not decieveing you...that is a garret Air to Water Intercooler Core. That little box is going to get some attention. I had this made at the best fab shop in Houston, and so now that its done, I'd like to share some pics. If you're intrested in getting one made, send me a PM. They can make one in a week or less depending on their work load. Fits like a glove, debating weather I want to get it polished or not.

This one is for sale right now, I have 3 other friends that might get one made as well. For those that realize that the ground clearance and piping is an issue, this is the best solution for those wanting over 400HP and no heatsoak in the nice Texas Heat. Can't wait for fun runs to roll around.
2009-12-16 19:28:44
Seen this in person, awesome set-up. wish i had $1600 laying around :/
2009-12-16 20:04:02
Looks pretty good, but MAF placement will be kinda hard on Blow Through. Piping placement would be kind of hard on Draw through.

I guess by 1k HP you would be on a stand alone using a MAP anyway though hehe.
2009-12-16 20:26:18
Originally Posted by b13kev
Seen this in person, awesome set-up. wish i had $1600 laying around :/

Please dont tell me thats the price for this?!?!
2009-12-16 21:21:13
"Is it boosted?"
"Wheres the intercooler?"
"Its there."
"Oh okay, I see it now.(bending down looking at radiator)"

Looks like a nice piece man.
2009-12-16 23:13:31
Yup .....looks awsome
2009-12-16 23:59:29
The Maf placement is right under the intercooler, and it will use a shorter HKS mushroom filter, MAF only has to be 8 inches from the inlet of the turbo to read correctly. It works fine. And yes, the price is high, but when up actually look at what you are getting and how its made, you'll realize it's a better deal than working with 8+ pieces of pipe that can get crushed when you go over a Texas Sized speed bump... The Intercooler core alone was over $400, and the BOV was over $280... not to mention the AN fittings and custom couplers that have bends and reductions that you won't find on ebay. I love it and will continue to take the real route when building a car, and get it custom fitted.
2009-12-17 00:20:45
Yea, its nice. Not 1600$ nice. Not even close.
2009-12-17 00:59:00
custom couplers are you serious?!?!

Its a 45, a straight and a reducer

If spending $1600 is the real way to build a car I need to get out while I can
2009-12-17 01:11:49
"The Intercooler core alone was over $400"
Damn bro you got ass pounded on the price a buddy of mine would make me one of these for $400. All custom and cut to fit pieces of metal but I'm sure it wouldn't look as pretty that thing is built top notch. I guess if you paid $1600 its made perfectly and flawless.
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