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Thread: Billet SR20 Blocks

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2009-12-11 13:18:28
It'd be pretty sick for an AWD SR20, GTiR or something
2009-12-11 17:21:43
Well you guys are all very smart considering to put in in a fwd...rwd in a 240sx with a sequential transmission and 1700hp uhh lets say sub 7's there. This block would be stupid to put in a fwd as you would never ever ever need that much power. it would just be a smoke fest. The thing is a beauty though and would consider it if I wanted to make a 7 sec sr20...and had $7200. Just for the ****ing block ahaha I plan on spending that totally on turbo, mani, motor and everything and making 600whp.
2009-12-11 18:38:28
I think FWD can do good things if its built for it....

YouTube - CHRIS RADO RUNS 6.871 @ 197.62 MPH
2009-12-11 23:57:44
wow thats crazy.. what kinda car is that?
2009-12-12 00:26:10
Scion. But not your avarage one. It is a 4cyl though.

2009-12-12 00:30:50
chris rado hit 200mph years ago.....

2009-12-12 00:40:44
got any pics of the other side of the engine bay? or from the top? im not sure what im seein there.. lol
2009-12-12 02:43:46
wow thats an amazing piece of art. Too bad money doesnt grow on trees, lol. That is pricey though.

god damn those are some fast fwd cars. I remember seeing that TC in person at Camp 1320 in Chatsworth, CA back in 2007. I was there to get dyno runs for my p11, next thing you the trailer pulls up and loads off the car to put some decals. I met the driver, his crew, and checked out the TC. I was amazed with all the work done on the tc.
2009-12-12 02:44:26
If you took everything on that motor and made it rwd it would launch so much faster and you would have better times. Did you see how quick the car came out of the hole before the scion? If it could get traction like that and then pull as hard is it does then it would be crazy.

Originally Posted by kevwal
Scion. But not your avarage one. It is a 4cyl though.

2009-12-12 05:28:58
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
the guy said those blocks are rated upto 1700hp... could you imagine a 1700hp sentra?? you could have to re-enforce the front of the car so it didnt twist when you launched lol.. not to mention the custom axles ect ect.. im jus sayin.. that would be crazy hehe

Ask Mazworks how much power their S15 is making.....on a non-billet block.

It is however a beautiful thing and no doubt I would have one just for the badass overkill factor if I had 8K to throw away.
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