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Thread: Billet SR20 Blocks

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2009-12-10 14:28:59
Originally Posted by 92BoostedSER
People like Ashton who are in the higher echelon when it comes to HP for our cars

I agree lol

That's pretty cool though, I didn't even know there was such thing as billet blocks for the SR. Does anyone know if they do this for just the RWD or do they do it for the FWD SR also?

hey now, thats not nice. hahaha My current built motor has been perfect soo far. Now just need a nice trans to go along with it, haha but its coming along.
2009-12-10 14:36:09
Originally Posted by Autech
Tell us the price son!

Discount group buy?

dude you should be getting us the proce there based in aus..
2009-12-10 15:00:10
they're pretty good on e-mails..see what they said below...i just replied to him about making fwd transmissions or even a slap shifter racing tranny... let's see what he says.


The billet block has the following upgrades
1. 6061 aluminium material (much stronger than OEM Cast material)
2. The deck is double the thickness of the OEM block
3. Additional material around the sleeves and deck prevent sleeves from moving
4. Single piece main cradle with 4 bolts per main journal providing maximum rigidity
5. 1/2" head studs providing much higher clamping force for the head gasket
6. @ 800hp factory sleeved block will only last about 30 passes
7. Billet block rated @ 1700 hp
The front wheel drive block has all the factory mounting points and bell housing shape so it will fit in place of a factory block.
Cost is $8000 Australian dollars current exchange rate is approx .90 cents ie 8000x.9= $7200 USD
We do not have a billet SR head yet but can CNC port a head for you cost varies depending on options ranging from $1700 AUD to $3500.

Regards Darren
2009-12-10 15:01:50

2009-12-10 15:05:38
These guys seem to know what they're talking about. Good idea for the all out racers. Damn that thing is sweeet.
2009-12-10 15:12:31
Imagine this sitting in your engine bay. Lol
2009-12-10 15:23:46
That is a work of art, I couldn't justify the money, but damn that is pretty. Maybe some day, LOL.
2009-12-10 15:25:45
- I love it!
2009-12-10 15:25:56
The combination main caps + girdle looks like what the F20C gets from the factory. =]
2009-12-10 15:34:22
Yeah, i just build a fully sleeved F20 for the corolla. Very similar although it doesnt have 4 bolts per main cap, although it does have very beefy main cap/girdle bolts and also uses all the outer edge bolts as well that go around the outside sealing surface. Its almost like an upper oil pan/main cap/girdle all in one. So yeah, on the F20 you have your main cap big beefy bolts and if i remember right 22 12mm bolts that go along the outside edge.

The f20 is a very very beefy motor from the factory. Very solid bottom end. With sleeves and block guard they can make for a rediculously high hp motor.
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