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Thread: Finally made it to the dyno. Should I be happy?

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2009-12-04 16:51:46
Finally made it to the dyno. Should I be happy?
Hey Everyone,
I took my ride to get dyno'd last night and wanted to share my results. Since I live in a one horse town, the only choice I had was a Mustang dyno. Of course there are no real ways of converting this output to Dynojet numbers, I feel overall the results were pretty good. The car is crazy fast imo when I get traction, and I just wanted some numbers so I could have a baseline for any future mods like a better exhaust manifold and some cams.

Mods are
stock Avenir DET, manifold and J-pipe
Disco Potato
Cobra MAF
555 injectors
3" DP and catback (no cat installed)

Temps inside the building were probably in the 60's with two fans blowing across the front. The first picture is at 14.7 psi and the second is at 20 psi. I was really hoping the first digit would be a 3. Wishfull thinking I guess.

Any thoughts or comments?


low (240hp)

high (275hp)
2009-12-04 19:05:16
Looks good.

You're sitting at 290 to the flywheel at low boost. That's around ~246whp on a dynojet.
High boost you're sitting at 330 to the flywheel, or around ~280whp on a dynojet.

I'd rather have mustang dyno numbers, considering they're more realistic than anything else (inertial load makes the readings more accurate compared to real world driving conditions)
2009-12-04 19:27:55
Things seem great until 4,800 rpm at which point torque takes a nose dive. Get that torque to stick around and you'll make the power you should be. I'm not saying that's an easy task. It's not.

I know it's completely unfair to compare your engine to mine, but you might take a look and see what I made at 11 psi with a similar turbo. http://www.sr20-forum.com/turbo/16351-guess-my-output-win-50-a-9.html#post216065
2009-12-04 19:53:54
from my understanding with the disco you wont have a killer top end any way.dyno looks good and i wouldnt worry to much about the HP number. if you want to open up the topend some i would look into some s4 cams.
2009-12-04 20:05:58
yeah, your a/f between 3500-4500 is a bit on the leaner side. Be careful but other than that the a/f is solid, could go a bit richer but especially where your peak torque is being made. Thats the most dangerous spot to have it on the lean side. Every motor ive detonated has always had problems at the peak torque side but thats mainly cuz i was pushing the turbos too much.

But looks decent man. There are definetly options like s4 cams that will really liven up the topend for you.
2009-12-04 20:07:47
Jesus your torque take a nose dive, *cough*jwt*cough*

what size is your intercooler?
2009-12-04 20:17:34
Here is mine for comparison:
3" exhaust
Disco potato .64AR
555 inj
S3 cams
Z32 Maf
1 Bar boost
GTIR Manifold

2009-12-04 20:19:49
Id be happy with your numbers as them being on a mustang dyno
2009-12-04 20:24:06
dear god, I didn't realize it was so bad for you guys.
2009-12-04 20:26:31
I know why my torque falls, I ORDERED the .86 AR turbine, but was sent the wrong one, and instead of waiting another month for the correct one, I used it.

But no worries here, im changing soon to a T31 v band setup...
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