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Thread: injectors at 0 volts

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2009-12-01 07:05:50
injectors at 0 volts
Ever since I swapped my maf over I have been battleing an issue with the injectors not having power. I decided to run a jumper wire off the positive side of the battery into the power wires of the injectors. So I do that test it all and I have power 12 volts, to all the injectors. So I move onto cranking it, car cranks runs fine no issues. So just for the heck of it I unhook the jumper wire and car still runs I test the wires and I have power 12volts in all lines, car drives no issues. I turn the car off and try to restart nothing. So I test the line and 0 volts again. I again connect the jumper car starts again.

Can someone tell me if these are the positive wires or the negative wires of the injectors, jwt and jgy keep telling me that the resistor packs go on the negatives but they are the larger of the wires going to the injectors so Im assuming they are the powers. This is how I put the jumper on them, I wanna make sure that this is safe until I can find the problem.

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2009-12-01 12:22:53
ok at the injectors themselves you will have one wire on each injector that is the same color and stripe, this is your positive wire. Then you will have a wire on each that is different color and stripe, this is your ecu ground for that injector.
2009-12-02 01:40:39
Okay so I talked to JWT today because everything is pointing to the resistor pack running on the posistive side of the injectors and JWT confirmed that since Im running the gtir harness the resistor pack is indeed on the positive side. If you did a swap and kept the stock harness the resistors would be on the negative side. So 2 anyone running a gtir harness the resistor pack is on the positive side not the negative.

So I now know that basically one wire feeds off the ignition and goes to the resistor pack, it then tees off to 4 resistors before going into the 4 power wires of the injectors. Once the CAS tells the ECU there is spark it completes the ground and hits the injectors.
So I believe now that there is only 2 problems, broken or loose wire feeding off the ignition or bad ignition.
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