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Thread: VE vs DE bottom

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2009-11-24 12:22:38
VE vs DE bottom
Hey guys, just a small question.

I need to know what would be better suited for boost. Have ben searching for the last hour or so, but I can't seem to find any good answers. Or maybe I'm using the wrong keywords. Dunno.

Anyways, here's the setup as it's gonna be:

SR16VE modded to SR20VE
ARP headbolts
Cometic VE headgasket
Stock SR20DET pistons, so CR is gonna be around 9:1
Stronger pistonrods (Eagle, or whatever)
Calum RTv2
GT28RS Disco Potato

Now, can anyone tell me which bottom would be better suited? Will the SR16VE bottom do (and has oil-squirters as well), or would it be better to put the VE head on an SR20DE bottom? I prefer the first, as it's less work to do so, and I won't have to modify the head and bottom.


EDIT: I see that I misplaced the topic Can someone move it to "Turbo"?
2009-11-24 13:05:48
If you're going to replace the pistons and rods then go with the VE bottom end. It has oil squirters, a much better fuel pump, you won't have to mess around with drilling oil passages and the engine itself will be newer. The only thing in my opinion that the DE has going for it is the 8 counterweight crank. But that's not a big deal (other people prefer the 4 CWC), and you could put one in the VE bottom if you want (or some came with it).

Ditch the Cometic head gasket idea and stick with OEM VE or Cosworth. Also maybe think about ditching the ARP head studs and stick with OEM or something better.
2009-11-24 13:32:26
Ok, and better would be..?
2009-11-24 13:39:53
I forget. There are Honda studs that are a perfect fit made by Golden Eagle I think. Then there are much more expensive options like Apexi and maybe Tome or something?

There are a couple threads here that go over that stuff.

I actually found this head gasket and studs for sale: http://www.sr20-forum.com/forced-induction/22946-cosworth-headgasket-740cc-head-studs.html

You might want to jump on those.
2009-11-24 14:18:56
y not a DET bottom?
2009-11-24 14:24:35
I'd still rather deal with the VE bottom because it will have the right oil passages for the VE head he's planning on, and the oil pump will be better.
2009-11-24 14:39:22
Thanks! That cosworth gasket has the right holes for a VE, right?

EDIT: Turns out it doesn't. So stick with OEM VVL headgasket, like Gspec offers?

I see I misplaced this topic. Can someone move it to "Turbo"?
2009-11-24 15:09:57
Originally Posted by M0J0
Thanks! That cosworth gasket has the right holes for a VE, right?

EDIT: Turns out it doesn't.
Uhh... I thought it was made specifically with VEs in mind with the correct oil holes. Let me find that thread.

Originally Posted by M0J0
So stick with OEM VVL headgasket, like Gspec offers?
Yes, if the Cosworth is not for the VE then stick with the OEM one Gspec sells. Or spend beaucoup bucks on an Apexi unit.
2009-11-24 15:17:34
Here you go.

Originally Posted by choaderboy2
The Cosworth SR20 gasket was engineered from scratch to fit ALL SR’s including the VEs, DE front wheel drive, DE rear wheel drive, DET front wheel drive, and DET rear wheel drive.

Click on the blue arrow icon in the quote and it will take you to the thread where Mike said that. Personally I would still verify that with Cosworth or by looking at actual pictures of a real VE gasket and the Cosworth gasket to make absolutely sure.
Now he might be talking about to 90mm gasket only. I'm not sure. But I don't see why they wouldn't design their 87mm gaskets the same way to fit all engines.
2009-11-24 16:36:57
The cosworth gasket does not work on VE motors.

Thats a 100% fact
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