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Thread: Need some opinions

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2009-11-12 03:25:30
Need some opinions
Im trying to finish up turboing my car this weekend and have a few questions.

1. I plan on running an open downpipe. Will the car run like crap w/o the rear O2 sensor? I dont think it should but i'm not positive.

2. I haven't done anything with my egr, the tube is just chillen there for now. I may eventually get a blockoff kit, but I want to get this done by the end of the weekend and don't wanna wait around for one of these at the moment. I'm open to suggestions if not having this tube hooked up is gonna make the car run like poo.

3. Im still not too sure about vaccum lines. Im running draw through and I have a greddy type s knockoff bov and want to run a manual boost controller. Any light shed on this would be helpful.

The motor is a lowport by the way. The turbo is a t25. I'm not worried about a check engine light or visual inspection (one of Newburgh's few perks) Ive tried searching some of this stuff but am still not really clear. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
2009-11-12 03:37:54
I dont run either 02 sensor and im fine (b13)
Not sure might create a leak
Get the car running right before you mess with the boost level. What lines aren't your sure of?
2009-11-12 03:47:14
For example, where do the lines that were on the stock intake tube go? Do they go to the turbo intake pipe or the pipe that goes into the throttle body. Also where does the line from the wastegate go?
2009-11-12 05:14:30
The wastegate line goes to any part of the intake after the turbo.
The tube from the valve cover should go to the turbo intake pipe, the other two should go to the intake pipe before the throttle body.
If you are running draw through, you NEED to recirculate your blow off valve or it will run like crap.
Your car will run fine without the rear O2.
2009-11-12 05:23:56
cool cool. The lines on the bov go to the manifold right? And am I alright to leave the egr tube open for a little while? I just need my car back. Im tired of driving my moms car everywhere.
2009-11-12 15:05:48
yeah bov to vacuum source on mani
If its a stock setup there should be a barb or something on the turbo to run the wastegate line to. like this...http://www.gpopshop.com/t25web.jpg
2009-11-13 03:48:49
^ Not on the factory T25. At least there wasn't on mine. I just ran mine to the intake pipe. Any pipe between turbo and throttle body will work for the wastegate. The closer to the turbo, the more accurate.
2009-11-13 06:33:37
Yea I looked to see if there was a barb like that on there. There was none. I guess I'll just see what happens leaving the egr open, maybe I'll work out a breather filter for it so it still draws in air.
2009-11-13 22:38:22
Just leave it hangin for now, and unplug the electrical plugs.
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