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Thread: Little VET build and 4CW and 8CW comparison.

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2009-11-11 05:14:26
Little VET build and 4CW and 8CW comparison.
It was a priceless learning experience. To see the stuff in front of you after reading about it.Hopefully this will answer some questions.

In this picture you can see the difference in oem thickness of the DET ring on top compared to the SR20VE one on the bottom.

Comparison of the wider ring land for the DET VS sr20VE - left and right respectively.

DET and SR20VE rod comparison.

Bottom piston is the VE- see the notches for valve clearance.

Does the Sr20Ve have oil squirters... yes siree!!
2009-11-11 05:16:09
Sr20DET 8CW crank left and SR20VE 4CW crank right.
CW=counter weight. See the actual counter weights.

Sr20DET Girdle going into the VE- VE does not come with this.

Built Sr20 VET awaiting install.

Sr20DET crank with SR20VE flywheel.(after market)
2009-11-11 05:17:09
ehhehe...kinda like my thing too... I have laid out a DE / VE / DET pistons... friends were all curious as to what they looked like. About to see about a set of VET pistons.
2009-11-11 05:17:27
Completed VET.

Exedy Stage 1

Sr16 head going on block build.

Tonight's entertainment brought to you by ...
2009-11-11 19:59:37
what DET are those rods from? pulsar? avnire? 200sx? they look alot more stout than standard..
2009-11-11 20:43:29
hey were u located... will there be another vet in toronto...? How many are there out there, cuz i build one this summer..?
2009-11-11 20:46:40
We're in Toronto.

Well between my buddies and I, there are 2, this is going to be #3.
No more Dunnville though.. sad and it's a long wait till April. It'll be great to see other VE and VETs on the track and street.
2009-11-11 22:30:10
so your using the det everything ve block and ve pistons?
2009-11-12 02:43:19
The plan or rather what we've done is use the DET 8CW crank,pistons and girdle in the VE block. One build has the red top s13 setup and the other has S14 internals all stock bore stroke etc. OEM rings and bearings and just an APEXi metal HG.
One has a Sr20VE head and the other has the Sr16 head and 20VE block - both 2 liter.
2009-11-13 22:38:34
The bearing seats are all line bored, so by swapping out the caps for the girdle / caps they may be out of spec.
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