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Thread: proper cool down b4 shut down?????

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2009-11-11 15:32:13
Originally Posted by gomba
I've read in the past that if you run the turbo hard right before you are about to shut it off, even being water cooled, you should let it idle for a short period before shutting it off to help the turbo cool down a bit. Is this not valid advice?

Originally Posted by TeKKiE
Sure it is, but it's still not "necessary". The cooling system continues to function after the vehicle is shut off, in a round about way. As I said before, I dogged the hell out of my 30r and would just shut it off without letting it idle. No ill effects to speak of.

As an engineer, im still a fan of leetting the turbo have that quick period of balance.

Equalibrium is an amazing thing, espcially with energy transfer. But having turbos made out of combinated low quality cast iron housings, brass/steel bushings and alloy front housings screws with the rate of heat trasnfer inside the turbo. Water cooling is great, but over time, immediate shutdown causes excess stress and wear to the bush. Water temps might not rise or drop, but heat saturation across the turbo will change.

Its is for this reason that your giant diesel engines always have timers built in - although their turbos have half inch oil lines and 3/4inch water lines - the turbos need to balance at an equal rate.

im tired and cant spell properly this late so i will stop annyoing you with my jibber jabber
2009-11-12 02:45:08
Originally Posted by RoCKeT
umm interesting.. wtb: turbo water lines.. lol..

i do beleive i have some for sale if your se-rious, i will check my spare parts bin!
2009-11-12 03:04:00
I'm always shutting the car off right after beating on it. All the other turbo guys freak out. I asked a Cobalt SS owner "what, your turbo isn't water cooled"?
Then we got to talk water cooled turbos for the next 30 minutes.
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