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Thread: Daily Driven Turbo Owners -- Check In!

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2009-11-07 01:50:36
Daily Driven Turbo Owners -- Check In!

I was wondering who on the board is daily driving their turbo car? By daily driving, I mean DAILY driving, not some weekend driving or here and there driving

If you are daily driving your car, how long have you been using it as a daily driver w/the turbo? What problems have you ran in to, if any? Is it your only car? What's your setup?

Thanks for the responses!

2009-11-07 02:41:10
Mods are in my sig. Daily driven for over 1.5 years now and it's my only car. Swap was already in when i got the car. Car had many problems when i got it which i've worked out but not a problem with the motor or turbo set up since i got it. I've put about 15K on it mileage wise. If the turbo set up is done properly it should last you as long as any other nissan. My set up is mild, yet plenty of fun. Obviously if you go crazy as far as turbo and such and shoot for 400 horse well things will happen. As they say...Wanna play gotta pay. Keep it under 300 horse and don't beat it like a red headed step child and it should last.
2009-11-07 02:41:42
i do i build sr20vet in june and put on 40km a day to work and what ever i do at night, only problem i have is my front cover and oil pan are leaking just a bit like baby drips. i run 14 psi, its mostly highway driving but she runs great, and i dont beat on it all the time
2009-11-07 02:45:45
I daily mine. 4 hour drives every weekend to school and back.
2009-11-07 02:52:42
My car is every other day driven. Well it would be a daily until I need to do something else, then take it down for a week or two.

I drove it with a BB T25 without any issues, and now starting to with 550cc injectors and T28.

I've had some issues with it. Most of them will be because my mistakes or neglects...
- Over heating issues, wired one fan wrong..
- Transmission fluid leak, reused old axle seals

The issues that I'm worried about, this is strickly because our cars have cheaper parts...
- Transmission breaking
- Axles Breaking
- Clutch Cable ripping
2009-11-07 04:43:24
i drive my car to work and back everyday and drive around in the weekend i havent had any problems yet just finish my swap like two weeks ago but hopefuly dont have any problems in the future.
2009-11-07 04:48:56
i drive my turbo car almost every weekend now. once a week if that.

but i did daily drive it for about 2 months. not one problem.

if built right they are good daily cars.

2009-11-07 05:20:23
I daily drove my car with the t-25 setup for a little over a year with no problem but then I blew a headgasket.
2009-11-07 05:25:56
i love my b13 as i love my 84 chevy PU...they share my time. some weeks its back and forth, some weeks its one or the other. all depends on whos having issues and my mood in the morning of what i want to drive. i built my motor myself and swapped it in. its an avenir that i had re-honed. the head was port + polished. new valves, guides, springs + retainers in the head with 8.5:1 and new rings and bearings in the block. i reused the stock rods. s4's, fidanza flywheel, s13 t25, tial 38mm external wastegate, srt-4 FMIC, ebay BOV, nismo 555's and FPR, walbro 255, prothanes, jwt extreme PP and disk, calum realtime, and the pacesetter STS. KYB's with hypercoils, st front sway bar, and cusco FSTB. i think thats it.....ive put about 7k on the motor since the swap. i drive it calm in the morning to work, but the sound of spool makes my right foot heavy!!! i didnt build a turbo motor to not boost!!! shes running between 12-14psi. issues include a "new" leaky lower oil pan that i have already once tried to reseal. next oil change i will attempt again. my new clutch cable just went bad and got swapped out a couple days ago. i blew a brake line, but that wasnt boost related, i live in NH and it was rotted to hell! not really any major issue as of yet other than eating up tires between boost and poor alignment. my NUMBER 1 problem is the dagone motor refuses to idle when its cold. once it warms up to operating temp, its cool. but from about zero to 80-100 degrees, it will just stall. i did a sh*tload of research and actually fixed it for about 2 days...then back to the same ol thing...holding the throttle till it warms up. it is extremely frustrating, but i vow to fix it come spring!!! other than that im good for now.
2009-11-07 06:22:59
I daily drive my boosted se-r every single day every single weekend, abused every day. Its been turbod for over 2 years, Ive gone through a couple motors because i pushed my small turbo setups too far to see how much i could squeeze out of them. Ive broken a couple trans as well.

My old numbers on this setup were 461whp,391wtq, im shooting for 550whp, 475wtq with the new upgrades and more fine tuning. I get 35+mpg on the highway, I take it to the track whenever i can, and i abuse the car every single day i drive it.

So far the motor that i fully built has been in for 8 months/8k miles w/ 0 issues. tracked several times. 11.1@132mph was previous best, im shooting for at least a 10.0-10.2@140+ next time out. May go quicker, who knows.

But i love it and its still very very easy to drive on the streets and most all my friends have no troubles driving my car. I love it and wouldnt have it any other way.
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