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Thread: sr20ve+gt2871r

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2009-11-06 05:28:57
so today i finally took my head of my det, nothing seems to be wrong with the head but when i was pushing down on the pistons nothing happen until i pushed the cylinder#3 n it moved down a little n made a clicking noise, so im guessing its something with the rods or spun bearing, before i took everything apart the motor was making this noise YouTube - SR20DET Tapping noise, rocker arms? bearings? .....would it be cheaper to fix it or should just get a sr20ve n boost it? also how much can a stock ve hold with a gt2871r turbo for DD use?
2009-11-06 05:31:45
sounds like a rod bearing
2009-11-06 05:56:25
Originally Posted by oneslose-r
sounds like a rod bearing

I agree with that .....also it looks lik that is a rear drive motor ...you know the VE is not right ?? it is going to be alot of work to fit a VE in there
2009-11-06 06:17:51
ROD KNOCK!!!!!!!!! it wasn't to come out. The Rod that is, park it and don't drive it or you might throw the rod through the block.

ninja edit!!

VE rods are the same as the DE.
2009-11-06 10:50:40
rod knock fo sho
2009-11-06 12:27:00
so would be cheaper to fix a rod knock or just drop in vvl motor n boost it??
2009-11-06 13:46:57
I have the same noise, I had post the video too.
2009-11-06 14:19:19
Definately rod knock. When I got rod knock from Oil starvation I took off all the turbo stuff and still drove it to and from work gently. Although mine would only knock at 3k and up.
2009-11-06 14:34:09
Originally Posted by 4drsleeper
so would be cheaper to fix a rod knock or just drop in vvl motor n boost it??

Are you rwd ?? in the video it looks like it , it would not be a just though in a VE type swap ..
2009-11-06 14:47:34
no I'm a fwd bluebird sr20det. the is some video that I got on YouTube that was making the same noise
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