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Thread: best cams

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2009-10-28 00:01:13
best cams
Just got a question what's the best suited cams for a disco potatoe turbo..?
2009-10-28 00:04:48
JWT S4 Cams or BC Stage 3. But if you go BC you will need S&R and cam gears to tune them. For drop in cams S4s. Its all up to you. There really isnt a BEST cam out there. Its what you want.
2009-10-28 00:36:05
S4 are good turbo cams, but you need to reduce the overlap with cam gears
2009-10-28 01:44:14
Originally Posted by gtswrx
S4 are good turbo cams, but you need to reduce the overlap with cam gears

Not really, they will work just fine
2009-10-28 02:24:33
i find cams and valve train the hardest thing about engines.i am not experienced with nissans but with chevys a na cam does not have the optimal valve timing events for a nitrous or turbo engine.but with dohc u can play with those timing events more with adj cam gears.to much valve overlap with a turbo engine is just going to cause the turbo to work harder to achieved the same amount of boost(the turbo will have to flow more cfm but not necessarily for the rite reason) just throwing the air away.there are other reasons for the less overlap like advancing the exhaust cam. to reduces pumping loses and friction loses. Overlap is a important event some people even consider it as the fifth cycle diffidently when na.because a preberly tune exhaust has a strong scavenging effect to help clear the cylinder and bring in a strong intake charge.a tuned exhaust can actually cause a 7 psi(i not dum i know vacuum is most often measured if hg) (inchs of mercury) suction on the cylinder and in some cases 500 percent harder than the suction than the piston going down the bore.this is winston cup motor type **** though.alot of people dont under stand all the ways a cam can increase hp an tq(or release) but i am not going into that. i already talked to much.
2009-10-28 02:30:49
if u feel what i posted is false.than state why.maybe u miss under stud what i was saying i could go on for a lot longer on this topic sorry didnt really answer your question.i think it wold help people answer if u added your compression ratio what rpm range u what to make power an your other mods
2009-10-28 02:30:57
I think the bc stage 2s are good. You can buy a set for around $300 and you don't need the spring and retainers or cam gears with those. But it would be safer to have the springs and retainers.
2009-10-28 02:33:37
For a potato, I'd run S4's. No question. I used to have S4's in my DE because I was going to boost it. I decided to go VE instead, but the idea was there from the get go. I'd run S4's were I to do it again.
2009-10-30 20:26:27
run the s4's.

the perfect drop in turbo cam ! no one has made any notable power with the bc3's.

2009-10-30 20:44:53
S4 all day long no questions
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