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Thread: sr20det bluebird vs sr20det gtir

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2009-10-28 02:12:53
so than it really doesnt matter what rods you run either way? So would that really be an advantage that most people actually use?
2009-10-28 02:20:59
sure. If you think that way then DET has no advantage over DE+T. Since "it doesn't really matter"

seriously though, it makes the engine a tiny bit more reliable and gives you peace of mind. Just like piston oil squirters in the DET vs the regular DE.
2009-10-28 03:51:40
Originally Posted by buickpower
i am new to nissans i what to build a 200sx or a sentra…

Hello and welcome to the forum!

Originally Posted by buickpower
… i live in the usa i was wondering whats the difference between the two engines …

The GTi-R has bigger rods, bigger bearings (19mm vs 17mm), better oil pump, bigger fly bolts, a far better flowing head (though not quite as good as a VE), ITB, better tuned ECU, 20* timing standard, 8.3:1 CR due to hemi-spherical head design, better turbo, bigger injectors, and all around just better. The GTi-R engine was made to be a race engine. Its two sole design flaws were arguably the top mount intercooler and the small intake opening on the plenum. Both can be easily fixed. It was nic-named the Baby Godzilla for a reason: it is the little brother of the GT-R engine and though the RB and SR are different in many ways the RB26DETT and GTi-R SR20DET share more similar factors because they were both Nissan’s race engines.

Originally Posted by buickpower
…and which is a easier swap and which of the two would it be easier to get parts for in the usa.

They are both the same in ease of difficulty to swap in. It’s easier to get parts for the other engines, but not that much harder to get parts for the R. Some parts do cost a little more, but nothing world shattering.

Originally Posted by buickpower
the motors i found come with trans a ecu and harness the bluebird cost 1600 usd and the gtir is 1900 both supusily have low miles.wich car is it easier for the swap.i been in a sentra when i lived in orlando with a bluebird and a presion turbo 720cc injectors and i think brain crower cams and some other stuff my roommate was working on the car and took me for a ride and it was pretty fast.any info will help thanks.

The older B13 OBDI sentras would be better for the swap, IMO. If you go with a B14 you will have to either get a different ECU or run an adapter harness. Either of which may or may not give you problems with passing the OBDII computer checking emissions. In the end it’s up to you really what you want to do, accomplish, and have.

If you want to go for the slightly lower cost and a little bit easier parts availability, go with the bluebird. Someone made a good point in that the avenir is newer, and newer means whatever it means to you.

R’s are at minimum 15 years old. But they are proven stronger engines that can take a ton of abuse and give you more for less in the long run. Most R owners are so because they wanted the engine. It tends to mean a lot to the owners. Everyone of them I’ve meet are die hard lovers of the R. Yea, most performance parts need to be ordered from overseas, and replacement parts for odds and ends might take a tad longer to get if they are engine specific but they are far from impossible to get.

Really, in the end, it’s up to you what you want to deal with considering all at hand.
2009-10-28 04:36:33
sanmarinoblue thank you and thanks to everyone else.
2009-10-28 05:10:50
Any SR motor is good to 400hp with a good tune. Its all in the tuning.
2009-10-28 05:12:26
also what are the internals made of.
2009-10-28 05:26:26
Originally Posted by buickpower
also what are the internals made of.

2009-10-28 10:55:55
a U13 or U12 SR20DET engine will be the best choice in terms of power capability and parts interchange.

The GTIR has 8:3:1 compression due to the head combustion chamber. the pistons are the same as a bluebird sr20det. It also has sodium filled exhaust valves, larger rods and larger rod bearings. The main bearings have 360 degree oiling and oil piston squirters.. It also has a larger oil and water pump. The head intake ports are also a lot larger than normal. T-28 turbo, ITB's and larger 370cc injectors. The head has a superior design over the DE and DET heads. this engine will stand up to lets say 450-550 whp in stock form. This engine is harder to install but is by no means impossible. iIhave personally installed four of these engines in the past. Wonderful motor when working properly.

The regular SR20DET engine is very similar to the regular DE engines except for the compression which is 8:5:1, larger rods( but smaller than the GTIR) oil squirters, and sodium filled exhaust valves. in most cases T25 turbo and 370cc injectors. most parts from the DE will support a DET engine. This engine will stand up to lets say 400-450 whp if you are carefull. This engine is almost a direct replacement for any 91-94 sr powered FWD.
2009-10-28 13:20:57
Originally Posted by morgans432
will they both take 400hp?

The answer is yes, but you are the only one who asked that question. Like has been said already, the GTI-R rods will handle more before they go. With that being said I would go avenier or de+t for a street car.
2009-10-28 13:28:56
i was just asking not to many people will push the limits of the stock internals so its not like you need the gtir because of the beefier rods. I honestly dislike the gtir because of the part selection, the compression and the intake manifold. Thats my opinion
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