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Thread: t4 turbo options

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2009-10-28 22:41:05
Whats the SPECS on that Turbo Dude?
2009-10-29 01:51:04
the only specs i got is.
t4 flange gt72 x trim with a divided ex housing
the ex housing is .84ar and the compressor side is somewere around a 50ar.
2009-10-30 00:05:08
You can get 500lb ft of torque by 5500rpm with a GT42R. GT4294r should hit pretty hard just about 6K.

I love the garrett turbos, but I have been really wanting to try out a Borg Warner. The S256 can be had in a 1.22ar divided and will make up to 700hp.
2009-10-30 02:10:21
Actually the Borgs (s362) can make almost 800 hp in a sr......

but I allways like to use the smallest turbo pocible regarding to the hp goals there is other ways to gain hp.

2009-10-30 02:36:11
Can i ask a question , now VE heads flow better than DE heads, so said and likes a Larger Turbine housing for more flow , so whether its a T3 or T4 Turbine you have which will be the better go for EG a Turbonetics 62-1 with

Stage 3 Wheel, T3 Housing, .84 A/R
Stage 5 Wheel, T3 Housing, .63 A/R

What will be the difference/advantages/ disadvantages if they have the same Front wheel ?????

Note that this Concept goes for all Turbos EG. GT28R(S14/S15) vs GT28 (GTIR)

2009-11-02 00:31:03
The larger STG 5 wheel will spool slower, even with the .63 housing. But it flows more. I would go with the biggest exhaust wheel possible, but that is me. VE head of course.

DE head I would go with the STG 3 with the .84. I think it will react a lot harder to that combo.

The housing should match the flow characteristics of the wheel being used. Therefore, it isn't really beneficial to use a higher trim wheel with a smaller housing to get better spool. If I were using a STG 5 wheel, then I would really try to get away with the larger housing with it. Sometimes a larger AR has little to no effect on boost onset, but can increase volumetric efficiency in parts of the map out of boost, and they will actually spool about the same.
2009-11-04 02:01:07
Thanks ALOTTTT Coheed
2009-11-04 10:15:01
^^^ Well at least you got your question answered.
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