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Thread: New guy with a few questions

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2009-10-25 05:05:30
New guy with a few questions
Tried searching couldn't find a good amount of information on what I'm trying to accomplish

I picked up a 93 SE-R 5spd last month with 113k on the clock car is in pretty good shape. My main goal for this car is to have a simple turbo setup to play around with and get used to until I'm ready to upgrade to a bigger turbo.

My Questions
1. I'm planning on doing a DE-t swap in the car since the original motor is in questionable condition. Anyone know of any reputable places in the NY area that sells these engines ?
2. I plan on using the stock t-25 trim turbo for now is there any upgrade-ability with the turbo manifold ? Basically can I just slap a new turbo on the manifold and call it a day or will I need a different manifold ?
3. What other things are recommended for a DE-t swap ? (Fuel System etc)

2009-10-25 05:31:08
Do a compression test on the motor, and look it over. If it looks fine and has good compression you will be fine turboing it.

I think you are talking about swapping a DET, which is a 8.5:1 CR JDM motor that came with a T25.

The exhaust manifold will be fine, for T2 turbo's your options are pretty limited. You can upgrade to the T28 with little modifications. T28 will bolt straight up to the T25 manifold. You may need to grind the block depending on if your manifold will be an Avenir one or a Bluebird one.

You might have a hard time finding a place in New York alone, unless a forum member is selling their motor/setup. You can order a motor from Andreas Miko or places like Tiger Japanese Auto (which is a hit or miss deal, if you want quality go with Miko).

You will need a few upgrades, Adjustable FPR, Fuel Gauge, bigger injectors, Walbro 255 fuel pump, Z32 fuel filter. But that's only the start, there are soo many more things to do.

Check out my build thread for pictures and things you will probably need.
2009-10-25 15:05:34
I made 338whp with my de+t. Like Vadim said just check the compression and if its good use the motor you have. Im sure you can find a cheap t-25/28 setup in the forsale section somewhere.

edit: heres a turbo setup..

2009-10-25 22:43:48
yes definitely check the motor you have now. I started with a t25 at 6psi with a motor at 170k and worked up to a t28 on 15psi until the oil pump went out at 190k. There was plenty of beating on it too so don't underestimate the stock DE. Keep in mind with mine, everything was fine but the oil pump and I have complete confidence I'd still have that motor if I would have noticed it was running lower oil pressures but I hadn't driven it for a while so I helped to kill it.

Then since you saved a bit not buying another motor, use what you saved to start a new build that is up to the task for big numbers.
2009-10-27 13:52:05

Assuming I bought this kit I would still need obviously piping and a IC along with a BOV right ? Along with that can I use the stock MAF with a reprogram from JWT to work with the bigger injectors ? As for the oil and water lines are they easy to acquire or will I have to search far and wide for them ?
Sorry about the barrage of questions but I want to make sure I do this the right way

2009-10-27 15:12:31
Mostly everything you need can be found here or the old forum. If you are planning on upgrading to a bigger setup in the future it might be wise to start off with bigger injectors and maf so there is no need to replace that stuff later.

Basically any intercooler will work, check johnny racecar they sell nice IC's at a good price. The IC pipes you will need are fairly common so you shouldnt have that hard of a time finding them. In my opionon JWT is the best way to go for a easy worry free ecu managment. cobra maf-injectors of choice?- 9:5:1 comp-turbo program will work great.
2009-10-27 15:47:14
I wouldn't even think twice about turbo'ing that de you have. 113k isn't a lot of mileage. I took my de out at 160k and it has been in my friends car with a t25 for about another 15k. No issues with the engine as of yet.
2009-10-27 16:43:12
Replace your rod bearings before you go turbo if you want it to last. I had to learn this twice.
2009-10-27 16:43:21
My old SE-R got boosted at 140k and the guy is still running 2 years later at 170k+

There's a good engine dealer in north Jersey that is on eBay. Also there's a few places around Shea stadium.... well actually now its bailout field but you know where I'm talking about I'm sure. The place in Flushing where those bums play ball.
2009-10-30 03:51:34
OK just a update guys I purchased that turbo kit as recommended by Need a SER and I spoke to JWT about sending them my ECU for a reprogram. This weekend (if the girlfriend allows) I'm planning on changing the valve cover gasket along with doing some more basic maintenance. Keep you guys updated on the progress.
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