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Thread: Pics of Intake manifold installed w/some bling!!!

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2009-10-18 01:36:16
yeah it fits pretty good. If you go to the group buy section and look at my thread i explain all the small issues i had with the install but they were only minor. But yeah it will make some good power im sure. Cant wait to hit the dyno then dragstrip and see just how low i can really run with everything set up perfectly.
2009-11-06 01:27:57
I think I found more pics of this intake, do the runners actually stick up inside the chamber? and could they possibly be ground down or removed to smooth out flow into the runners? or do the "velocity" style stacks help? I know the o2 manifolds are super smooth inside.

Also is there a particular year q45 TB that is to be used?
2009-11-06 01:32:23
Originally Posted by nsusammyeb
or do the "velocity" style stacks help?
Yes they do. Do not grind them down. They are there for a reason.
2009-11-06 03:21:07
Originally Posted by BenFenner
Yes they do. Do not grind them down. They are there for a reason.

any explanation for this?
2009-11-06 03:59:50
Originally Posted by nsusammyeb
any explanation for this?

Ima go on a wild shot here but im getting to increase the intake speed and improve turbulence?
2009-11-06 04:09:22
Originally Posted by nsusammyeb
any explanation for this?

The transition between the plenum and the runners should be a proper, raised "velocity stack" bell mouth, raised above the plenum floor approx. 1". This is proven time and again to be the least restrictive way to transition from a large volume of air to a smaller pipe. They promote laminar flow and the pressure gradient around a bell mouth (sorry can't find a good picture right now) shows there to be an area under the lip of the bell mouth where air will travel up and around into the pipe as easily as it would from directly in front of the bell mouth.

If I find the pressure gradient image I'm thinking of it would be very clear.

Edit: This is not what I was looking for, but it's decent. It shows there are high pressure zones below the inlet plane that air is just as likely to enter the pipe from as anywhere else.

2009-11-06 05:24:08
ill pm you with my shippin adress. thanks for test fitting....hahahaaha. very nice!
2009-11-06 11:34:25
Lol I cant wait for you to shatter your old dyno numbers at the same boost levels and watch everybody scooping up those intake manifolds. That manifold was designed for a FWD SR20DE/T not rwd. Now hurry up and test it out so i can decide if i should hop on your bandwagon
2009-11-06 17:11:20
almost time, just need a bit more money to get this clutch and im good to go. Ill probably be hitting up the track first after a bit of street fine tuning by my a/f should be pretty close to spot on. We will see how it reacts to this manifold.

Oh i have no doubt this manifold will destroy my old numbers with less boost.
2009-11-06 18:21:18
^Can't wait to see. Destroy you say? So you think at the same boost about 50-75WHP more?
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