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Thread: Pics of Intake manifold installed w/some bling!!!

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2009-10-17 07:20:30
Pics of Intake manifold installed w/some bling!!!
Well i spent the day cleaning up my engine bay with a freshly done Valve cover. Intake manifold fully installed with extended injector wiring and tps wiring for the Q45 throttle body so the wiring is nice and tied to the back of the engine block and on the firewall under the manifold making it very nice and clean.

Did Braided hose and Russell fittings for the new crankcase breather system and catch can. Also did Braided hose and -6 AN fittings for the idle air control hose by fitting the cold side pipe iac hose nipple with a fitting and the iac motor with a fitting.

Dont mind the bay. its dirty and thats what happens when you work in a dirt lot. All im waiting to get the car back on the road is to do a swap in a 240 to get the rest of the money for my Clutchmasters Twin Disk and Rear case for the B15 trans that im swapping the B15 1.8 gearstack into to basicly have a P11 trans. Its coming along. I will be rerouting the right-side breather hose and using a 90 deg fitting and running it in front of the injectors by shortening the hose a bit to make it a bit cleaner.

Once done i will detail the bay and take some new pics. Im also making a nice plate for the front to cover the opening from where the support was cut out.

Here are the pics:

2009-10-17 08:06:28
very nice!

I just noticed your missing the rad support. I was like "how tell hell does he have so much space in front?!" lol
2009-10-17 14:13:13
2009-10-17 14:59:31
lol, if you didnt notice, i still dont have a trans in there. haha. I will have dyno numbers as soon as i get it back on the road. Top priority. haha
2009-10-17 15:13:10
looks good
2009-10-17 19:26:20
Yeah no radiator support and the indistructable missimg trans mod. LOL

Looks good though. Is that a rwd intake manifold re worked?
2009-10-17 21:26:26
no its a fwd manifold that a guy in Tailand made for me. Fitment was pretty good. Small issues though but nothing a little know how could take care of.
2009-10-17 23:40:16
i like us sr20 owners.. we have this ability to invest in power first and looks later "it may not look nice now but it will blow your doors away". That thing is sweet...
2009-10-17 23:48:44
curious what that cost you from your guy in thailand??
2009-10-18 00:18:56
That manifold was not build especifically for him the guy sells then on EBAY advertised as a GTI-R IM and I think its mostly a RWD manifold modified to fit on a FWD since the seller sells the same manifold but setup to work on RWD and by the looks of the angle of the inlet on the plenum.... But it will work...
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