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Thread: ? for anyone running motron inj+jwt ecu

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2009-10-14 15:51:23
Wow we only get the 6s here in my little town..I had to settle for those, lucky you.
2009-10-14 20:55:05
Originally Posted by kesi24
As stated before your fuel presure has to be 4 bar for motrons to run correctly with 72lb/z32maf program .Actually runs like factory when setup correctly!

I have a couple questions for those with this set up.

Are you guys running all of the factory sensors and such like the iac valve? aac? and pretty much any of the other sensors under the intake manifold?

I know i am missing the small valve which sits under the tb and has 2 vac lines going to it and a connector like a knock sensor. I am not sure if this is needed or not. I also dont have a charcoal canister hooked up, or any of the emissions stuff. I am running a jdm im on a 9.5:1 de. I havent ran jwt for a long time so i can hardly remember what exactly is needed. I am just making sure i am not missing something simple that will help the car run better besides raising my fuel pressure to 4 bar.

I am still waiting on spark plugs which i was told will be in on friday. over the weekend i will see what i can come up with.
2009-10-14 23:11:40
summit has fast shipping and a good price on the plugs
2009-10-15 21:22:51
Yeah i didnt think advance would take a week. Oh well, now they are stocking them.
2009-10-18 07:00:49
I got the car to idle today and it stays around 900 rpm. I installed the afc, put new plugs in, and also took my injectors out and re installed them. The injectors may not have been seated correctly in the o rings on the im. I also set the fuel pressure to 65psi with the vac hose off at idle as well. The only problem i have now is the aem gauge says its so lean at idle its not registering, and also i have to have the afc at +50% at 1k and 2k for the car to stay idleing.

I looked at the plugs after running it and they look like the car is running lean.

Well later today i am going to set the timing, and have a friend bring his aem sensor over and verify that mine is working properly. I am also going to try a couple other mafs, and re check the injector wiring.
2009-10-21 04:19:13
Had another friend come out and check the car out with me. We found a vac line that was bad and leaking, also i had the in and out settings wrong on the safc. We changed those and lowered the fuel pressure close to 3 bar and just messed with the safc a bit while the car was parked. It runs damn good right now while sitting still and revving it.

I am going to set the timing and do some street tuning this weekend. If anyone with a similar set up wants i can post my afc settings, and fuel pressure when i am done. I have 625cc injectors so they should be close to 60lb.
2009-10-29 20:25:08
any updates?
2009-10-30 21:06:48
No sadly its been doing nothing but raining around here for like the last week and a half, so i havent taken it on the road as of yet. It looks like sat and or possibly sun may be dry. I will let you know how it runs under load and in boost. I can also give you an idea of what to set your afc at and let you know what fuel pressure works the best.
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