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Thread: ? for anyone running motron inj+jwt ecu

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2009-10-12 21:20:39
? for anyone running motron inj+jwt ecu
I was wondering what kind of timing and fuel pressures anyone is running with the jwt 3 bar 72lb z32 maf with motron 60ish lb injectors?

I have the jwt 3 bar 72lb z32 maf program and need some help getting my car running right with the 625cc injectors i have. As the car sits right now it is running very lean at idle and dies if i let off the gas. It goes from lean to off the scale lean on the aem gauge very quickly.

I have replaced the tps, and tried a few different mafs and checkd for any wiring problems. I also have checked the car for boost leaks with the fancy carb and choke cleaner method.(yeah i know i need a boost leak tester:rolleyes I have not had a chance to check the timing. I also am going to put a stock ecu in to make sure the jwt one isnt bad.

If anyone has the #'s for the newer chips for this particular jwt program that may help as well as i may have an older not as good chip. I do have an afc i can put in also to try and put some more fuel in but at this point i may just get the 555 program from them and dial a bit more fuel in.

Any ides or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
2009-10-12 21:35:34
I know the motrons were supposed to be be ran at 4 bar ...
2009-10-12 22:22:31
Thats what i figured, i had the pressure up around there and it still was lean. I may just have to buy the 555 program, and use the afc to compensate unless i can get the car to run better.
2009-10-13 05:49:05
this would be great to know, i have a useless jwt ecu now cause i cant seem to dial in the fuel pressure or what not for the mototrons. Ecu has the exact same tune as yours.
2009-10-13 05:51:39
So you are trying to run 60lb injectors on a 72lb program? I would say save yourself the money and use the safc you have to adjust the fuel maps for the 60lbs.
2009-10-13 12:53:42
You will need to bump the Base fuel pressure to 65PSI with the vacuum line disconnected to compensate for the difference in flow of the injectors....
2009-10-13 20:58:43
Originally Posted by mike4387
So you are trying to run 60lb injectors on a 72lb program? I would say save yourself the money and use the safc you have to adjust the fuel maps for the 60lbs.

It has been done before by others and most have reported better drivability and overall performance with the motron 60 or 65lb injectos on the 72lb program.

Ok Thanks i will give that a try, if i can get it to stay running i will also make sure my timing is set to 15 deg.

I am gonna hook the afc up as well in case i need to adjust the fuel a bit. i will let you guys know once i get it running right and what had to be done to do so.

Thanks for the help. Jon
2009-10-14 01:45:28
Okay I have never heard of anyone doing that lol. Learn something new everyday. I would do what payu said to do then and if its still running lean the safc should richen it up.
2009-10-14 03:11:30
Yeah thats what i plan on doing. I am just waiting on advance auto to get my bkr7e plugs in. they werent stocking them. Well they are now. LOL
2009-10-14 04:10:33
As stated before your fuel presure has to be 4 bar for motrons to run correctly with 72lb/z32maf program .Actually runs like factory when setup correctly!
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