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Thread: SR20det ..noise help!!

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2009-09-30 21:10:21
SR20det ..noise help!!
I have a SR20det avenir W10

My W10 ecu was burn. I change it for a W11 ecu. The engine start but with bad idle. and arround 3000rpm there is a big noise ( in the head).

Do you think thats because W11 ecu don't work well with W10 engine

or I have a sensor problem, turbo pb, air leak...?
2009-10-01 00:50:46
could be vacuum leak, manifold leak.

whats the noise in the head sound like
2009-10-01 01:32:29
like backfire?
2009-10-01 03:44:26
??? any news?
2009-10-01 15:25:11
Like a engine who don't have enough oil. You can heard big "dac dac"!
2009-10-01 15:35:15
Yes it's exactly the same noise like an engine which is dying!!!
But it's impossible the engine is dead (i hope) because before the old ecu burned the engine was working very well

I just change my turbo turbine and the ecu. May be the pinout between W10 and W11 are difrent like in europe P10 and P11 are odb I and some pin are not exaclty same.

If the external coil has other pin for exemple it give ecu wrong information and may be the ecu send bad signal to injectors???

Sorry for my bad english guys
2009-10-01 15:44:44
Not a backfire sound, no maniflod leak, might be vacuum leak
2009-10-01 16:43:23
does it sound kind of like metal going up and down? I had a bad valve that made a strange whurring noise at 3k rpm and I couldn't figure out what it was for a long time until I changed the head and the noise went away.
2009-10-01 18:20:55
I hope I don't have to change the head.
I don't think it's a bad valve not the same sound. You can heard the noise in all the engine
2009-10-01 20:04:50
put a screwdriver to your ear and place it on top on the valve cover at various location. This should help amplify the sound and as you move the screw driver around you should be able to hear if the sound is coming from cylinder 1 or 4 or w.e.
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