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Thread: Muffler Options/Opinions

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2009-09-25 18:06:33
Muffler Options/Opinions
Hey guys, I'm getting ready to turbo my NX and I want some recommendations for an exhaust setup. I am making my own exhaust all the way back/ 3in. all mandrel. My concern is what sort of muffler should I run on it after it's all done? My friend's are telling me that it should be relatively quiet on it's own with the turbo and 3in all the way back, but I'm sure I should look into getting a muffler of some sort.

What do you turbo guys run? Stock DE engine with GTi-R T28 going on. I currently have 2.25in exhaust, set of headers, and a Flowmaster Super40 and it's pretty loud but sounds nice. I want something that's going to be a little quieter (I know the turbo will help with that a lot), but still has a nice deep tone to it.

My two thoughts currently are another Super40 made for 3in,a MagnaFlow XL Turbo Muffler, or this MagnaFlow Muffler. I had a MagnaFlow on my old NX, and it sounded fabulous. Come to think of it - I could get the same muffler back off the old car, but it's not anywhere near a 3in A Vibrant would be nice, but since I can't get one with an offset inlet I doubt it will fit on the car.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Sound clips would be nice as well if anyone has any available.

EDIT: I have decided on this MagnaFlow Muffler. I can't wait to get it either

2009-09-25 18:17:33
vibrant or magnaflow
2009-09-25 18:31:42
i'd go with the vibrant, i know they come offset.
2009-09-25 19:01:47
Marcos@GFD told me he couldn't get any with an offset and I didn't see anything on their site advertising an offset model.
2009-09-25 19:10:03
Not to step on GFD's toes, but :

2009-09-25 19:28:56
I went through the same thing recently. I highly recommend a muffler. It will be quite loud without one.

As for the muffler, I would recommend either the same one I got, or a 3" Vibrant. I'm 99% sure you could make the Vibrant muffler work even if it doesn't have an offset entrance.

This is what I got:
MagnaFlow (12259) 18" long case, 3" ID, single offset muffler

If you want to see pics of my exhaust going together, check out these links:
Post #137
Post #284
Post #347
Post #391 (there are also videos with sound at the end of this post so you can hear what a 3" exhaust sounds like with a T28 turbo, 3 resonators and that muffler)
2009-09-25 19:43:35
Magnaflow, good price and sounds great.
2009-09-25 20:11:46
I love the sound of a MagnaFlow, and Ben - yours sound great! I don't think I'll be doing any resonators for now due to lack of funds, but I will def get one later. I don't think the the 18" one you have will fit the NX though, which is why I'm looking at the identical one in 14". The last MagnaFlow I had was 5x8x14 and it JUST fit.
2009-09-25 20:58:27
Oh yah, I forgot about that. The SE-R can take a 22" muffler I think if you lube it up real well.
It's so odd the NX has so much less room.
2009-09-27 15:27:40
One more questions about all this... I am planning to build my 3in exhaust using lots of U-bends to make nice fluid bends, but I can have a 3in crush-bent exhaust made at the local muffler shop for half the cost. Do you guys think that it would make a huge difference? I know mandrel is the way to go, but if it is barely going to be noticeable, then I might as well save a few pennies and get this all done faster!
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