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Thread: Exhaust leak at lower manifold

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2009-09-24 15:01:22
Exhaust leak at lower manifold
so i've been having an exhaust leak , it looked lke ti was from the exhaust manifold to head gasket, changed it, still have an exhaust leak .

Found out it's the gasket that runs from the manifold to turbo , but i don't see any bolts.
My question is how do i remove the manifold to turbo & where can i get another gasket?

I'll try and take pics later when i get home
2009-09-24 15:09:29
ok i found a pic of where this is occuring

in this pic i circled the problem area, yet in this pic there are bolts, i don't see any one mine uh oh
2009-09-24 15:16:46
how is your turbo staying on the manifold if no bolts? If I recal correctly there is a nissan OEM part made for a 300zx TT that will stop this from happening. It's a little plate that stops the nuts from backing off.

I had this problem too. It was so extreme that the turbo actually came loose while driving. Instant loudness and no power. I brought it too a shop because I was too busy. I got a call from the shop owner (awesome guy Jeff at 240SXMotoring) and he had this idea to throw a tac weld on each nut after they were torqued down. It's just a tiny tac that could easily be ground off with a dremel. Hell a chisel and one swipe of a hammer would work. This was the best idea ever as I have never had to worry about this problem ever again.
2009-09-24 15:25:56
so the bolts back off hhhmmm maybe that's where my problem is, i ddnt get a chance to look under it yet, but i will
2009-09-24 15:29:43
Every time I have had to separate the manifold from the turbo I had to remove the whole thing from the car. Some of the bolts cant be accessed when its in the car. Regardless there should be either 4 studs with no bolts or just empty holes if they fell out but is most certainly something holding the turbo to the mani.
2009-09-24 15:33:55
Yeah it's a stud/nut design. I have no idea why I said bolts. And yup the whole damn thing needs to come off to fix it.
2009-09-24 15:34:38
91grayDET, when you say bolt, do you mean nut?
So the studs are there, just no nuts?

As for where to get another gasket, call Greg.
Gspec contact info
2009-09-24 15:40:39
yeah i just looked again and where the exhaust leak it looks like that nut backed off

2009-09-24 15:55:19
They make the nuts that are poly insterted I guess that's what they are called and they don't come lose unless you want to take them off.
2009-09-24 16:03:33
Originally Posted by morgans432
They make the nuts that are poly insterted I guess that's what they are called and they don't come lose unless you want to take them off.

I wouldn't use those as I heard a story of the poly melting and the nuts falling off. Nissan makes an OEM plate specifically for this. I would do my guys fix or buy the right part.
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