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Thread: Yada yada, more dynos.

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2010-03-12 19:50:07
I ran my jwt ecu with a safc-2 with no issues. I set up several other cars that way as well. all made more power and ran better than the stock jwt tune.
2010-03-12 20:12:03
^ ditto ! running a jwt + safc, no problems, made 25 whp increase on ****ing with the a/f ratio.

2010-03-13 01:52:18
Originally Posted by Cliff
I think what you should do is just get an SAFC. JWT to my recollection will not modify the timing and fuel maps to suit your build, since they can be held liable, even if you sign the disclosure agreement. Too risky for them to do business like that. Unless of course you know someone there that will do the maps to your liking.

It's strange that you have compressor surge. What type of BOV are you using? What about the wastegate you're using? The synapse BOV I'm using is PERFECT, no adjustability required, so they didn't include adjustability. there's more than just one vacuum line running to it, but I don't mind. You could barely crack the throttle and build boost and let off the gas, and the synapse is SUPER quick to respond. Absolutely no surge no matter what I do with the 30R.

I am getting surge under full-throttle. My car boosts so soon, that the compressor is off the map!

I can't complain about crap spool because literally i am spooling as quickly as the compressor will physically allow lol.

The bov just prevents surge when I let off the gas. I need to get some more revs badly. At 440whp+ from 6000rpm on, power levels out and keeps going. The torque is dropping off but high rpm would make a really SICK powerband. The car feels F*N incredible lol. The response from this setup is just insane on the street. It literally feels like I have a .86ar disco potato. It just boosts about 500rpm later is all. But makes 100whp more.

I am soooo happy with this setup, I just wish it took about 5-6psi less boost to make this amount of power.
2010-03-13 02:00:28
Originally Posted by Cliff
I spose' it could, being that he owns the JWT. He can modify his own bins, sure.

Does he have access to a R/T though? That would be the question.

The JWT ecu bins cannot be copied. Tried it for getting a realtime, it says the file is corrupted every time.

Originally Posted by SE-Rican
I would love to see what his timing curve is like on his JWT. I am 100% sure that is the culprit.

I also am not a fan of the 3076r. Somthing about that turbo that I do not like. I for one would prefer a 3071r or go bigger with somthing like a 60-1 or a SC61.

My timing may be good for a DET, but I already had to advance my timing to 19* just to make what I make. I don't feel like I should have to add that much timing but look at the difference in power it made. From 383whp to 448whp. Just in timing!

Increasing my base timing is just a bandaid, as it makes the car idle up and down and hunt a lot. All I know is timing gets pulled to about 11* at peak torque, then increases about 1* for every 1000rpm. By 7500rpm I am anywhere from 17-19*

The larger turbos are great, but I don't want to go with a larger turbo that will lose power everywhere else, just to gain power in the upper rpms. I don't want to rev past 8500rpm max. The larger turbos I have thought about though. Just to try it. Just slap on a 60-1 or another TS turbo and see how it does.

Originally Posted by cory
What about just using a realtime and retune the fuel/timing maps then swap the chips back into your jwt ecu.. just borrow someones realtime to tune.. wouldn't that work?

The realtime chips won't work on the encoded JWT chips. No luck there. I don't know what file I have, but who really knows if the JWT is the culprit. I am making the same hp on my tubular setup as I did with the VET cams and a log manifold. This setup is far better, but I can't seem to pass up 450whp.

I really want to try throwing timing at it but it is a bit scary.
2010-03-13 02:00:58
Originally Posted by jagy
I dont get it.. why to spend money on JWT ecu + SAFC, if i can buy much better Calum/Nistune?

Calum is impossible to get. Nistune won't make a real B14 board for me.
2010-03-13 02:06:35
Here we go fellas! Let the party begin!!!

2010-03-13 02:09:23
Old graphs. 24psi slipping clutch log manifold

16psi log manifold .63 open. This graph is kinda crazy because it doesn't lose power at all on the top end. I know now that backpressure isn't the issue. It is down to the tune or something because this was on the motor when it was fresh. same as the one above.

Here is my TS vs the log manifold. 24psi on both.

You can still see on both graphs that power is falling on the top. the TS seems to lose more power, but ultimately the numbers come out about the same.
2010-03-13 02:26:17
You should be able to run a VE on any sr20de based board with a nistune. N14/n15/p10/p10/s13 should all suit (or whatever the other guys over there are using).

at least this way you will be able to properly tune after making changes to see the real affect they are having.
2010-03-13 02:39:05
couldnt you just use the jwt to pass emissions an then use the nistune type 4 board for the rest of the time?
2010-03-13 02:43:18
Much like I've planned out. Basic board for emissions, and an obd1 board for all other times
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