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Thread: Yada yada, more dynos.

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2010-02-28 00:32:05

The turbine housing is here! It will be going on in a couple weeks with full dyno results. Stay tuned! Going to lower the boost to around 20psi or so and see if I can make over 450whp.
2010-03-02 04:49:44
I got the chance to observe some differences between housings. The .78 housing outside looks about the same size as the .63 open housing. The 1.06 is much much bigger on the outside. It is an Air Research housing that looks to have been modified?

The inside volute of the .63 is about the same size as each volute of the 1.06, the latter being slightly larger internally as well. The big difference comes where the gasses meet the turbine wheel...

In the 1.06 divided housing, there is a divider that runs through where the gasses hit the turbine. This is what seems to be the largest restriction in the system, and part of the reason why the larger AR housings perform so much better. The larger housing has deeper entry from the .78, but the "slit" leaves about the same 3/16" opening into the turbine inducer.

This slit is designed to drive the exhaust gas into the inducer of the turbine wheel. By looking at the .63 open housing, it looks to flow a lot more in this particular area. But being as how 2x the exhaust gas is flowing through that section it makes sense. I expect the 1.06 housing to perfrom just like the .63 housing, but spool slightly better and transient response being improved.

The .63 housing has been slightly difficult to make over 500whp on in a lot of cases. But there is hope. Being the first one to try this housing, maybe I will finally hit my goals.

The divided housing may not lower backpressure as much as I would like, but it should still allow the use of a pretty radical cam. Considering the results of the VE cam swap from the VET cams, on a .78 (basically a .48ar) housing, I hope to run some larger cams with very good results.

One great thing about divided housings, they love big cams.
2010-03-02 18:14:27

Comparison. .63 open vs .78 divided.

1.06 vs .63

The finish on the air research housing is much smoother than the old ATP .78ar housing.
2010-03-04 15:26:48
Did you installed the 1.06? ... Im pretty much know how is going to feel and work..
cheers adn good luck!
2010-03-04 17:30:45
Well don't say that! Give me details! I can't wait to see what it does. I am putting it on right now! Woot.
2010-03-04 19:02:17
I went to put it on... but the housing is much larger, and doesn't clear the manifold. Poop. I am going to buy a TS flange and another gasket and use them as a spacer. right now the housing hits the #4 runner, and needs only about 1/4" to fit. Sigh.
2010-03-04 19:34:41
The housings are normally pretty thick, there's no amount of grinding from the housing that you can judge? Maybe 1/8" from the housing and 1/8" from the manifold?
2010-03-04 19:47:53

Just wondering why you are investing so much into this current turbo? Why not just go bigger?
2010-03-04 23:29:25
Going bigger just means more lag. GT35r is what I was thinking about going with, but I don't want any more than 500whp realistically. The 3076r is a great turbo with really good response. And the sound!!!

But the real drawback is I want no more than 500whp, and why go bigger if you can't utilize it? I really want to max this setup out. Besides, its not like i have a way to tune for more power anyway

The JWT has to stay in for me to drive the car here. standalone won't pass I/M.

As far as the grinding goes, I thought about it. It just seems easier to just get another flange to space it up 3/8" so it will clear. You never know when I may change my mind and go bigger.
2010-03-04 23:35:40
I think the 35r should be fairly decent spool wise .....
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