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Thread: Yada yada, more dynos.

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2009-09-23 21:11:13
I forgot to mention being the dynojet inercial you are getting aprox 300-50rpm of better spool on the street.

good luck.
2009-09-23 21:26:28
I wish I could log the boost. Hits 15psi easy at 3700-3800rpm, it just doesn't start charging hard until about 5000rpm still. I guess the Volumetric efficiency isn't in a sweet spot till then.

With more timing it would respond harder. I put the timing at exactly 15*, turns out when I dyno'd last week my timing was around 11* because I set the dizzy straight up. When I machined the head down a bit it retarded my timing a bit more than I thought. Either that or the crank gear timing mark is off a bit. But the motor really reacts harder to the more timing.

I did try switching the exhaust cam at 6800rpm, but it didn't seem to make any more power. The exhaust is still too choked up to get any better flow with the bigger duration. The VE cams still won't make good power with this turbine housing though. As the boost got turned up they didn't like it.

I think a 1.06 T4 housing would make power like a .63-.82 but spool even faster than this .78. The .78 moves air at low rpms, but the motor still seems choked up somewhere. The .78 does spool faster, but I have a feeling that either the cams or the housing is already a restriction past 7K. I needz mo flow!
2009-09-23 23:40:17
nice numbers coheed. Good gains with just some timing and other simple changes. Glad to see it back in action and ready. Keep up the good work. Definetly alot better results than your last time out. Great news indeed.
2009-09-24 00:08:22
Ya it makes me wanna give those stock cams a try again... but I know they still won't like the small housing. It would be nice to see how they do though.
2009-09-24 00:39:41
you better hard and try them Coheed : )
2009-09-24 00:40:05
Not to get off topic, but I was thinking of posting this on the old forum. I would like to share any info on this with the community... but I won't. Because that site is just too damn slow lol.
2009-09-24 00:41:02
i dont see why you wouldnt try them. It wouldnt hurt and would be cheaper then changing your turbo setup
2009-09-24 00:41:24
Originally Posted by THE_FUGITIVE
you better hard and try them Coheed : )

Sure, I'll throw them in on one of my days off. I'm thinking just the intake cam and see what it does.
2009-09-24 01:46:52
That's a TON of power for 4* timing...

Nice to see you found that lost power.

Told you that you need to dyno in 4th
2009-09-24 04:19:33
Originally Posted by TeKKiE
That's a TON of power for 4* timing...

Nice to see you found that lost power.

Told you that you need to dyno in 4th

I was tempted to keep going with the timing, but the car is very very loud and there is no way to monitor knock at the moment. I had one guy with muffs on right up next to the engine to try and detect knock. He said it sounded healthy and wanted me to keep going. But I left at 15* according to my timing light and verified by my timing "scar" I left on the cam cap. Sure enough, all my power came back.

Just like a lot of others though... I didn't see a ton of top end gains from the housing. Looks like cams are the next restriction to figure out. If the cams don't like this housing, then I will think of something else to try. Either single-scroll larger housing, or a TS 1.06 and get a adapter plate from T3 to T4 flange. I love the response from this TS though. It feels pretty dang good to me. Totally confusing though, because the car hands-down feels faster than it ever was. The torque increase seen in 4th gear has been confirmed on the streed.
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