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Thread: Yada yada, more dynos.

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2009-09-14 13:33:16
Hey coheed i know you mentioned you kept popping couplers off. Usually when that happens its usualy a suspect of a boost leak as well. Make sure you have any and all leaks fixed. That leak i told you about at my bov that i found yeah it made a huge difference in my a/f.

Lets just say my car is running soooooo freakin good right now. I did a pull through 5th gear being i dont have 4th, It pulled soo hard but at about 5500-6k it started to go lean 12.4:1 so i let off. Below that it was running 11.8 or so. This was with the vac line to the afpr plugged and not connected to it. This is how i was having to run it before to get a solid 11.6:1 a/f ratio and it worked and compensated. I thought it was the tune. Apparently not.

I connected the vac line to afpr and did another run through 5th, PUlled like a mad dog all the way through with a solid a/f of 11.5:1 I could not do this before without it just going to 10:1 on the wideband and sputtering out flooding out. Im soo happy i got that bug taken care of so make sure you check your piping and maybe make some changes to smoothen things out
2009-09-14 13:51:46
Originally Posted by Coheed
Quote from PAYU

This is exactly the voltage I see on my maf. Now, that should say something. I am at 4500ft too. But pushing 22psi of boost falling to 21 quickly afterwards.

Even at 25psi I bet I won't break past 4.85V. Maybe if it were below 80* outside, and sea level I would nail at least that much.

OK here its the situation maf voltage only tells you how much air its going into the motor other than that it tell you nothing because its up to the mechanical condition and the VE of the motor to take advantage of the air going into the motor... Thats why I pointed before the low psi reading of your compression test no matter if is 8.5:1 it should be higher that what you got from your test I am telling you because I have seen this before on a couple of VE-T setups and on both cases where bent valves not sealing well at high rpms and robing a lot of whp.... Even a DET with cams and a log manifold setup make more power than you are making at this point... So at this point all its pointing to something bad its going on on your motor...
2009-09-14 14:09:36
well i wouldnt give up on it yet, You have to take in for account he is at 4500 ft of elevation. If you add in the correction factor he is well over 400whp at the boost level he ran at. And it will make a huge difference compared to being at sea level.

Payu you wouldnt understand living in Puerto Rico, hahahah
2009-09-14 14:37:37
^^^^I will never see that here I can take the car down from the dyno and in 10 min i am at the beach jejejeje
Ashton I graduated from UTI in Phoenix and the highest I went was to Flagstaff on a 1984 Toyota Starlet and believe me I felt how the power was decreasing as higher I travel jejejeje
On a Dyno you should be able to tune for the higher elevation or even If you tune I wont make the same power maybe but his numbers are way too low considering his setup
2009-09-14 19:14:16
lol, yeah im 3 hours from phoenix. Yeah i believe your right, the numbers still dont add up. I mean they are not that far off but they are low. My built det made 407whp at 19psi of boost. That right there is already more power than his at the same boost level. Now granted i do have S4 cams but the de head doesnt flow anywhere near that of the VE head.

Also heat has alot to do with it as well. When i dynod it was 87 deg in the shop maybe hotter. It was not a pretty day to dyno for Coheed if it was really over 100 deg and being that high of elevation. I would have spent my money another day when temps and weather conditions to help things out would have been much better.

But oh well. Id like to see what his car would dyno down at sea level or close to it. At least under 1k of elevation.
2009-09-14 19:43:15
the only thing he need its to send me the file I will post the dyno on SAE so we can see the numbers at sea level.
2009-09-15 01:05:04
I will talk to the shop and see if I can get it from them.

The compression on the motor is fine. I have compression tested about 5 DET motor setups around here and they all came out to under 150psi. Remember, I have 8.5:1 compression, and 2psi less ambient pressure than the sea level guys. Leakdown was performed not even 2 months ago and it came back with between 6-7% iirc which is perfectly healthy.

Sure, the lower compression means I will have to push a little more boost. But I have a feeling the setup is the issue, not the motor. It made the same power last year with the log manifold. I really think that we won't know what power this setup should make until I get a larger exhaust housing. My birthday is coming up soon anyway

So I am going to start there. New housing, get the .82 on there and I can get rid of the VET cams and start making some good power by increasing flow. My .39ar housing is not big enough. How much power would you expect from it? If I had a 1.06 divided housing it would flow like a .63, and make power like a .82, with faster spool.

I am going to sell the .78 housing, and my old .63 housing. Put some 16ve cams in, rev higher, and make much better power.
2009-09-15 01:49:35
my injector duty is at 83%. About how much farther could I really push this before I run out? lol. I am running nismo 740cc.
2009-09-15 02:08:26
3bar or 4bar fuel pressure? Run another bar higher than you are now
2009-09-15 02:09:30
3 bar
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