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Thread: Yada yada, more dynos.

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2010-03-05 00:09:58
^^^especally the twin scroll version of the GT35...it'll probably spool like a single scroll GT30R
2010-03-05 00:42:18
Originally Posted by nissan
I think the 35r should be fairly decent spool wise .....

It's not that bad. I have driven a VE-T with a 35r and it's ok lag wise.
2010-03-05 05:50:35
Ya, but I would like to actually maximize the turbo I have before jumping to a larger one. Even though it would make more power on less boost. There are a few guys out there making over 575whp on this turbo, and that is more than my fuel system/engine management will support anyway. So 500whp will be a safe area to operate. As much as the 35r is a great idea, I have been in V6 engines with more lag on that turbo than I can tolerate.

There are some evolution guys running the TS 35r with amazing results too, but at this time it doesn't make any sense to upgrade and spend more money. I got the housing for $100, and a turbo upgrade would be well over $500.

I will make more power on this year's setup, how much remains to be seen. Are there any SR guys running TS setups on mid-frame turbos? I would really like to try out some N1 cams on this setup to see if they would perform well.

I ordered a new flange to be used as a spacer so the housing can clear the manifold. It is going to work perfectly. But the data I get should be pretty valuable to those looking for a quick-spooling setup.

500whp is way more than this chassis can properly handle on the track, so I am likely going to be looking at about 400whp when it hits the track on pump gas this summer. I am going to invest in slicks too, and hopefully get a good 1/4 pass. Looking for mid 11s if everything holds up. Low 11-high 10 provided I can hook up and drive well. The last trip to the drags on street tires was trapping over 120mph spinning all the way through 3rd gear.

Above all, my goals with this car have always been to keep it a street-legal car that I can drive every day. The TS drives so amazing on the street. The response is perky, even though boost onset remains nearly the same. This big turbo feels like a disco potato over 4500rpm. I've got to keep it legal, and that means I won't be making serious numbers with it. Even though the motor could probably handle a lot more than I have thrown at it.
2010-03-11 20:54:57
So I just took her out for a quick spin. 15psi in 2nd gear rolling on the tires just break loose. Feels effortless and great. 3rd was moving too fast and when I saw boost hitting 17psi I let off. Old gas.

Car has been sitting for about four months now so I didn't want to push it. But overall the car felt great. After the spin I parked it and found a huge crack in my rotors both sides. Ouch. So I am going to get new rotors right now and when I get back I am taking the car to the shop to have the exhaust hooked up and the a/w intercooler put on.

So far the power of this setup feels about the same but I haven't gotten a full 3rd pull yet either. The spool is barely later than the .78 btw. Boost hitting hard right when the vvl hits at 4500rpm.
2010-03-12 03:08:54
I put in good gas. Raised boost to 21psi and took it to the dyno. Dynomite says 340whp. Wow.

Decided to go back to the dynojet because it likes my car better. Made 406whp on 21psi. Wow.

Went to the boost controller and raised boost to 25psi. Made 446whp. Wow.

Bigger housing, same exact results. I don't have the graph to post up yet, but I will soon.

The only thing that was better than last time was slightly better spool, and over 400wtq. Torque drops off so stupid fast it is insane. And I don't know why it would do that. Over 100lb ft is lost over 1500-2000rpm. Why would torque drop off like it does?

The thing that really frustrates me though, is the fact that the damn turbo still surges in 4th gear from building boost too fast. I was kinda hoping the 1.06 housing would solve that issue, but it didn't. The car performs almost identically to the old housing! GRRRRRRRRR!

What is the point of going to the larger housing when there is ZERO difference in spool and power. Yes I made almost 20lb ft more torque. But come on! What is wrong? I am moving on to do a full motor check soon. There has to be low compression or ring float on the top end. Something is not right. Perhaps the tune is the issue, as it keeps pulling timing on the top end when it should be increasing timing?

I am at a loss. I have no idea why the larger housing wouldn't make a difference...

After the motor check I am going to try a different turbo. There are people out there making rediculously more power than I am at 10psi less boost. Even some on smaller turbos. I am pretty much coming to the conclusion that the tune is off, or the motor has some sort of mechanical issue?

I really have no idea.
2010-03-12 03:20:03
is the dynomite not a corrected number ?
2010-03-12 03:24:58
dynomite was corrected. My car just doesn't like that dyno.... Don't know why I made 50whp LESS than the dynoday today. Hmmmm. TQ was the same, but HP was way different.

Why the dynomite and jet read so differently on my car and nobody elses I have no idea. It just does. Dyno day on 21-22psi it made 380whp. Today, same boost only 340-whp????

who knows?
2010-03-12 03:45:32
what ecu do you have and have you tuned this car?
2010-03-12 03:56:55
Originally Posted by morgans432
what ecu do you have and have you tuned this car?

i think he is just running a jwt ecu, no real tuning going on
2010-03-12 04:02:38
yeah. No tuning. JWT base map.

Maf is maxxed out but power isn't following suit. Timing could be the issue. Maf is hitting over 5V on 26-27psi on the old housing.
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