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Thread: Yada yada, more dynos.

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2009-09-12 23:26:00
Yada yada, more dynos.
Here is my dyno graph from the same dyno 1 year ago: 20psi of boost.

This year on 21psi of boost:

Maf voltage was 4.77V at peak in 3rd gear. In nearly 100* heat too! I really would love to know what kind of voltage this would hit if it were like 70* out!

I put down more power than I thought I would, so I am happy. I blew off a million couplers though, but ran the snot out of the car. The transmission is holding up great by the way!
2009-09-12 23:29:32
And yes, I had a couple boost leaks. That is why boost is so late on the new graph. But they are fixed, and the car feels about the same. Spools still at 3800rpm 15psi, but doesn't move anywhere until about 5K rolls around.
2009-09-13 00:20:20
Are both runs on the same turbo?

Looks like the power curve is much better on the new setup
2009-09-13 01:12:00
Same turbo. Just the different manifold and exhaust housing.
2009-09-13 01:30:01
its good to see your power is back up to where it was before and glad to hear the trans is holding up great.

After the intake manifold goes on ill be hitting up the same dyno i went to before for comparison results. im hoping to be at the 450whp range at the same 19psi of boost and hopefully if all goes well around 550whp at 26-27psi of boost.

I just got done rebuilding my turbo and it was a complete success after figuring out that i put the washer under the 360 deg thrust bearing upside down so the stupid thing would not turn when i tightened the compressor nut down. but i got it and it works beautifully.

You should see the 270 deg thrust washer i pulled out. It was soo worn that the the brass started to crack, Put it this way i had a good 1/4 inch if not more of in and out play. Luckily for me i rebuilt it just in time. The compressor had just started to contact the housing, Not enough to do any major damage just put some slight scuffs on it. No chips or anything like that though.

congrats man.
2009-09-13 04:18:37
haha sandy still beat you in numbers. are you jealous?
2009-09-13 05:55:40
nice numbers, glad to see the new gears worked as well, that will help out a lot of people in the future. Im hoping for about the same numbers with my 2871r, but not sure I will get quite there.
2009-09-13 12:49:57
Originally Posted by NSMO240
haha sandy still beat you in numbers. are you jealous?

Ya she killed me on way less boost. Gotta be this restrictive housing. Next year we should have similar numbers. I'll still need more boost though because of the lower compression. But i will have over 400 on pump.

I need to rev over 7300rpm too.
2009-09-13 14:32:14
nice curve and power coheed.

whats the deal with 442whp in your sig ?

2009-09-14 00:50:48
That was on a dynojet, corrected numbers. 24psi of boost with the log manifold. I don't know why, but the dynojet seems to read a bit higher. Or I am just making a bit less power now. I don't know, but I will get back on the dynojet in a while and see what she does. I should still be able to nail 400whp with my setup though. On 15-18psi. The setup just won't.

I know the exhaust housing is a big restriction though, so I will start there. And I kept blowing couplers off at the dyno when giving a few rides so I've decided to just get rid of my blow-thru setup and intercooler altogether. It will cause some downtime for the car, but I've seen how well the air/water works and I wanna give it a shot. At least there will be half as many couplers blow off as now.

Also, the blow thru sucks. I will not recommend it to anyone. On gearshifts there is a slight bog in the power before taking off again, and when changed to pull-thru it goes away. Could just be my setup, but I am def going back to pull-thru. Plus on the top end the car gets really really rich. Like 10.7:1. I am hoping the pull-thru will fix that little bug too.

I am not suprised by my numbers, just unimpressed. Full-race shows dyno numbers from twin scrolls making good power... but none of them are on hondas using this .78 housing. The VE seems to respond like a honda so I am going to start there. I'm gonna get a larger housing before anything else goes on the car... and maybe some SR16 cams.
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