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Thread: Turbo guru's... help!

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2009-09-03 23:39:59
Turbo guru's... help!
Ok, I want to get this issue fixed before i get my car up and running. Each time i do a pressure test it leaks from where i circled below..I clocked the housing down position and put a longer bolt in to make up the space for the actuator bracket..any ideas how to fix this or should i take it to a shop that deals with turbo's?

2009-09-03 23:52:43
you need to pull the turbo back off so you can reseat the comp housing. its not on flush is it leaking.
2009-09-03 23:56:06
x2 on reseating comp housing. Unless of course you mean to say the leak is coming from the water line.
2009-09-03 23:56:58
Yea, its leaking, taking the turbo off saturday. how to reseat the housing ?any tips on doing that?
2009-09-04 22:02:47
Originally Posted by Andrew(nj)
Yea, its leaking, taking the turbo off saturday. how to reseat the housing ?any tips on doing that?

loosen all the bolts on the housing and re-tighten them in a star pattern. if you look at the comp housing there is a lip on the matting surface of the turbo and it should be the same size all the way around.
2009-09-04 22:09:25
You need to use RTV on the wastegate bolts. The holes for the wastegate bracket bolts go thru all the way into the compressor housing. Even if you reseat the housing (which isn't likely), you'll still have the probability of leaking from the hole for the bolt.
2009-09-17 03:41:49
I found out why the compressor housing was leaking.
Notice the bolts missing from where i circled.

I took the turbo off and made a pressure tester just for the turbo and a boost gauge to monitor the air pressure. Before I found the leak, It would not hold 15psi.

Found the leak
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