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Thread: WooHoo!!!

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2009-09-05 16:18:31
Doc, I have had occasional trouble getting into timing mode on my highport, and what worked for me was to disconnect the IACV from the harness to get the idle low enough to set timing. It sounds like you are chasing more than one issue, which makes diagnostics a bear, but maybe this will help.

2009-09-05 23:22:52
Thanks for all the good input guys, I'll try some of this stuff when I get home monday night. I'll let you know how it goes. If you have any other ideas, or if any of you have a spare TPS or MAF, lemme know.
2009-09-08 04:41:07
OK, so I got home today and messed with the car... I managed to get the TPS repositioned and it's now at .42v. The maf seems fine at idle. The car is still hunting like crazy, but idles and runs smoothly. I tried unplugging the tps and iacv while the car is running. When I pull the TPS while it's running, the car idles up really high, like it's headed for redline. When I pull the IACV, nothing at all happens. However, it seems to be working because Conzult reads that it's at about 10% duty cycle. I still can't get into timing mode either way. The good news is that it's not running super rich like it was before, and seems to drive fine. I'm still hesitant to boost it at all since I don't know what my timing is at, but the EGT's don't seem off base.... I'm tempted to just putt around town in it for a day or two and see if the ECU manages to learn anything. I still can't find any vac leaks, but haven't had a chance to put a pressure tester on there yet... Any other thoughts? Suggestions?
2009-09-08 07:01:57
OK, so I've been screwing with the car basically since I made the last post. I dug out my old pressure tester and pressurized the intake manifold... once I got it to about 30psi, I discovered one tiny hiss, but I can't for the life of me find where it's coming from. So I guess tomorrow I'll start redoing vac lines. The good thing about all of this is that I discovered that I have never drilled out the port on my vac manifold that goes to my BOV. Boy would that have sucked the first time I tried boost! So all's well except for a stupid little leak. Any good ideas on chasing vac leaks? One of my buddies in Kentucky had a fog machine that he got from a DJ. He had rigged a hose to it and we could just fill the vac manifold with fog and then see where it seeped out. I haven't got any such thing here, so I guess I'm stuck with redoing lines and spraying with soapy water, huh?
2009-09-10 07:32:29
Well I'm back... I believe that I've found the culprit. I decided I needed to follow Ben's advice and be systematic. So I started disconnecting things from the intake manifold... I unhooked the brake booster line (which also gives vac to a vac manifold and my gauge, wideband, bov, etc. ) and capped it, then moved on to the spare vac port between the 3rd and 4th runners, unhooked and capped it, then did the same with the small ports on the TB to which are connected the AFPR and boost controller. I was never able to make the hiss disappear, so I climbed under the car and realized I had been missing something... this:

I didn't realize before that this was hooked into the idle air channel, but i took it off and capped the ports, and voila! The leak disappeared. So, I dutifully opened this thing up to see what it is and it's got some sort of adjustable air channel in it. I had imagined it to be a temp sensor, but obviously it's not. Anyone care to explain to me what this is, whether or not I need it, whether a new gasket for it is available, etc. etc.? I'm kinda feeling some relief right now, but I'm not sure whether this is really the problem. I might as well rule it out and move on. Input?
2009-09-10 11:00:49
It is a slow moving valve that is open when the valve is cold and closes when the valve is warm (heated by the engine and an internal electrical heater).
It is used to allow more air during cold start ups and allow for high idle while the engine is cold.
2009-09-10 16:07:05
It is a complete assembly, no gasket available. We don't use them on engine swaps and the IACV seems to keep the engine idling fine. In California. Not sure if you would have an issue in other states. It is the Auxiliary Air Regulator.
2009-09-10 16:45:14
and it's $12 on ebay
2009-09-10 16:46:08
You have email Greg. Thanks! I think I'll just ditch the dumb thing and cap the ports. It's not as though I'm gonna be running this thing in the snow anyway. That's what Land Cruisers were made for! Let's all cross our fingers that the car idles perfectly tonight!
2009-09-11 06:56:31
I think someday I might just get it straightened out. It's idling smoothly, and it's going into timing mode... I just need to dig up what the marks mean... anyone care to link me up? I think the largest one is 15*, right? The only issue now is that it's idling real high, like 1800rpms, and won't come down... I've tried disconnecting the IACV and the tps in timing mode, but no help. If I pull the tps connector off, it's still revving like it's headed for redline... does that mean there's still a vac leak? I'm pulling something like 18in hg, so I have a hard time thinking I still have one, plus I can't hear one anymore... Too late to think much now... gotta crash.

Mike, I know I owe you a phone call, I've just been swamped. I'll ring you up friday PM.
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