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Thread: WooHoo!!!

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2009-09-03 17:53:06
i was thinking the tune as well. do you have a wideband and did you check for boost leaks?
2009-09-03 19:34:35
Mike, send that file over, I'll give it a shot. I had calum send me a new bin for the ecu, and loaded it, but with no change. I have checked for vac leaks, but so far can't find any.

I have a wideband, and it is running stupidly rich.
2009-09-03 19:43:50
whats your fpr at
2009-09-03 21:46:23
fpr is at 42psi with the motor running and vac plugged. It's a little lower than that with the vac hooked up.
2009-09-03 22:27:13
Okay did you check for a leaky injector I'm just throwing ideas out there idk if they directly relate to your problem I'm just going through possible things so sorry if I'm no helping.
2009-09-03 22:33:39
need your email address.
2009-09-03 22:47:22
what is the tps voltage set to? what kind of readings are you getting from the maf? did you swap the head coolant sensors.
2009-09-04 02:03:29
[email]dr.jfowler@gmail.com[/email] is my addy. with the key on and the engine off, the tps registers .58v and the maf registers .34v. Inj pulse reads 1.79msec, battery is at 11.44v.

I kept all the sensors off my DE, including the head water temp sensor. I put on a brand new out of the box IACV. I'll try to get the fuel rail pulled off, just in case one of them is leaking down into the intake manifold, but I can't smell or find any fuel on there.
2009-09-04 05:11:14
OK, so this is weird, but better. I posted the above and then started the car. I tried to keep it running for a few minutes, so I could watch conzult for a bit. What I realized was that the iacv duty was at 97%, so I shut it off and grabbed a screwdriver. I found that the IACV was all the way open, so I twisted it down all the way and back open about 1.5 turns. This time when I started the car it ran much much better, but still rough. So I decided to see what happened if I tried to drive it, and about two houses down the street it seemed to iron out several wrinkles and ran much better. I cruised around the block on very little throttle and then, once I got home I let off the throttle and let it idle. Now it idled much better, but it was hunting a ton, between 500 and 1500rpms. The consult said that the timing was going back and forth from 5* to 18*. So I tried putting it into timing mode, but no change. It just continued hunting up and down like crazy. I already made the recommended changes in the timing maps to account for my cams and try to help it not hunt, but this was silly. What is more concerning to me is the fact that it wouldn't go into timing mode. I was under the impression that the consult method of getting into timing mode was pretty definite. Any ideas?

Mike, I got that bin, but didn't load it once I drove around the block. I really think that the car is on the right map. The throttle felt great, and felt like it would boost, but I didn't dare, not knowing where my timing is.

Any more thoughts from anyone? I think at this point I know that adequate air is getting through via the iacv, and I'm confident that there's not a fuel delivery problem, and I'm thinking electronics somewhere. Oh, and I still have no error codes from the ECU. Thoughts?
2009-09-04 06:44:57
I'm having a very similar problem on my NA VE. Same hunting idle, feels like it's running rich, etc.. I'm throwing a Coolant Temp Sensor code, I replaced it and still throwing the code, so it may be a harness issue. You might be right about some electronics/sensors but it's strange you're not throwing any codes.
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