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Thread: Mazworx T3 SS Series Top Mount Manifolds & Turbo Kits!

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2009-09-05 03:49:18
Originally Posted by insane
Yeah its not a bad price considering you pay 1000+ for a good new turbo, 500+ for good cams, 600-1500+ on a good engine management set up. Its really not that bad.

But alot of people are still hurting because of the economy and such so it may take a bit longer to sell somthing with a price that for most of us is an entire paycheck if not 2.

if i am still turbo at the point when they get these made and want to upgrade to a t3 or t4 i will definately consider one of these beautiful manifolds. On a side not though they should make a bottom mount t2 manifold for fwd, as a good percentage of people are running t25's t28's and gt2871r's on stock cast gtir manifolds right now. I think a bottom mount eq or close to eq t2 flanged mani with a matching o2 housing and or downpipe would be great and may sell better than a eq top mount t3 mani.

Just my .02

Umm Snickers already does make those. You even posted in his thread.
2009-09-05 04:51:22
Originally Posted by TheRealNighthog
How is 1100 for a HIGH QUALITY EQ manifold rediculous? once you factor in materials, time and labor theres not a huge profit. If $250 difference is what keeps you from buying a HIGH QUALITY manifold then save your damn pennies.
Im proud to rock the ASP badge on my EQ... USA made.

im not saying rediculous, im saying its expensive no doubt, cuz it is. Yes a good high quality turbo can cost 1000.00 bucks or more but why do you think people continue to buy a t3t04 50 or 60 trim turbo like im using, Because used they are cheap, new they are cheap, and they still perform. Maybe not QUITE as well as a GT series but the differences for cost comparison is very very marginal. Ill keep my 60 trim t3 journal bearing turbo that i paid 300.00 for thank you very much.

Again ill keep my manifold that i paid 75.00 for and then 45.00 at a local welding shop that is very very good to have it rewelded and braced properly so it wouldnt crack and again, The manifold is good enough to perform very well and against a 1200 dollar manifold the cost to performance ratio is on my side bigtime because the difference from a high quality custom built manifold is very very marginal. I might see 20-30hp more but yeah your talking 1k more money.

Again im not dogging the quality hand made parts US built. There are people that make more money than me that will buy them no doubt. But again i had to do what i had to do with the money i had. And i did fairly well if i do say so myself. I spent the dollars where really necessary, like the motor build. Thats where the majority of my money went, I bought my JWT s4's brand new for $560. So again i put money where i really feel its necessary that im gonna get the most out of.

Again i have much respect for the quality parts that some of our forum members have put together and i one day hope to have everything straight to where i can save up for those more expensive parts that will make a difference and increase efficiency but for now i dont. thats all im saying is the prices for this type of community need to be competitive cuz there is only soo many people that can afford and save up for a 1k dollar manifold.
2009-09-05 16:50:30
Originally Posted by TheRealNighthog
Umm Snickers already does make those. You even posted in his thread.

oops forgot about his. :o
2009-10-09 12:54:09
Any updates on the FWD tubular mainfolds? I'm looking for something that will work with A/C.

2010-04-30 14:56:24
Originally Posted by mazworxsales
Within the next week or 2 we should have a prototype finished for the FWD.

Only thing I see that you guys may have to do, is switch to the 1/2 radiator maybe,maybe not.

Did this ever get finished?
2010-04-30 15:14:20
i wish there was someone that could make a tub mani for the stock fwd t25 app to fit with no issues and have fitment like a stock bluebird mani with the turbo in the same location ect ect. Just a upgrade like a rwd manifold for a 240 is a direct bolt on for the rwd sr20 t25
2010-04-30 16:21:43
ebay is your friend...

2010-04-30 16:33:00
quality > ebay
2010-04-30 17:47:37
ebay doenst have any except for the pulsar one
2010-04-30 19:54:10
yup, the pulsar one fits a t25....

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