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Thread: ATP options for the GT3076R

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2008-01-17 14:34:45
ATP options for the GT3076R
Hi Guys
I have a Sr16ve with RNN14 internals. I'm looking for about 450-500whp goal.(closer to the 5 big, nicer )

I hope a good spool-up and keep a decent top-end power. I would like to hear your opinion about the best turbo aplication for this setup.

After do some research by my self, i'm between GT3076R options and a GT35.

I'm interested on the GT3076R with 0.60 A/R compressor housing, a GT37 76.2mm T56 wheel and the 0.78 turbine housing with twin scroll that ATP offers, could this one spool up almost as faster than the 0.63 one, with a equal lenght bi-pulsative header?. Sounds good enough for the goal?

What about the 0.70 compressor housing, would be a better choice over the 0.60 A/R housing???

well let me know and shoot me some answers
2008-01-17 15:54:59
The GT3076 will get you to 500 with no problems. We have a GT3076 on our evo here and with a stock motor it puts out 478 on pump gas at 22PSI.
2008-01-17 18:59:12
what about overlap on the cams, did you have to get the pistons modified? this will be a monster when done
2008-01-17 19:03:29
It is the shop evo with a 100% complete stock motor. The only thing we did was exhaust, our FMIC and our T3 kit. I dont see you having a problem with getting 500 out of a fully built motor.
2008-01-18 01:41:36
the twin scroll GT3076R is a good choice. the twin scroll GT3076R usually see around 25psi @ 3800 rpm on an evoVIII. vids, dyno graphs, logs here http://forums.evolutionm.net/showthread.php?t=312126
2008-01-18 01:46:30
twin scroll sounds like a good choice
2008-01-18 02:38:15
The engine is stil disassembled, I already bought the GTiR's internals but i didnt received it yet. About the overlap, I would try with Adjustable SP ROCKETS to reduce the killer overlap, and the other common solution is to activate the exhaust side later than usual.

My goals is to use a 400 whp setup with the possibility to raise the power output to 500 whp for big dogs slaughtering.

About modify the piston's heads, I don't think that it would be necessary, the valve to piston clearance should be more than enough. But I'm not sure about it, yet.

I'm glad that i wasn't so wrong about the turbo choice

I was curious about the evo posted, why 2 external wastegate? it's really necessary to do that on a twin scroll setup?

well, keep posting people ^^
and thanxs so far!
2008-01-18 18:18:22
get the cam gears. you will thank my advice later.
2008-01-19 00:23:35
Originally Posted by SR16VE+T

I was curious about the evo posted, why 2 external wastegate? it's really necessary to do that on a twin scroll setup?

easier to mfg the manifold and keep it divided when compared to pairing both sides to a single gate
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