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Thread: Fuel pressure issues

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2009-08-23 17:59:03
Fuel pressure issues
so nearing the end of this nasty project were finally starting to button up this gtir into 200sx swap...a few issues however

A) none of the electronics work whatsoever( cant find ANYTHING on the harness)

and B) fuel pressures at idle are at 55 psi...now this doesnt really sit right with me and im sure is the reason the car runs like total crap , however im wondering...since hes gung ho on using the ebay fpr he bought is it worth it to change it out for the stock one or is there a way to adjust it...ive even gone as far as taking the screw out of it and it still hasnt done anything
2009-08-23 18:18:17
put the stock back on as see what happens should be good.

Have to give more detail about the electronics not working. basic check fuses also make sure both underdash plugs are plugged in by the ecu
2009-08-23 18:21:43
That's what were doing right now for fuel we think the POS fpr is broken also truth be told I can't find where that part of the harness went. Cts iac or aac (purple plug) can't find any of the connectors for them. Its the stock b14 harness we used an adapter for the gtir ecu also none of the headlights or dash lightd work
2009-08-23 22:16:10
so we put the stock fpr back in, it ran better but still no cigar

we still cant find any of the connectos for the aac or the cts , were thinking it got chopped off when we swapped the gtir injector harness into the car
2009-08-24 00:02:47
most likely you should just use the one that was in the se-r before.
2009-08-24 02:34:34
which? the harness or the sensor
the cts was switched from the b14 onto the gtir motor, however the gtir injectors supposeddely need resistors and have different clips on them so we did that...which plug has a purple connector on it? AAC or iac?

also... could the CTS really be causing the car to run that rich? we get 15 mins of use out of it before the plugs foul out , also under 12 psi of boost the car is slower than it was stock
2009-08-26 01:41:30
update: so last night the car ran great, we started her up and took it for a spin, bastard ripped first second and third loose like it was nobodys business...then all of a sudden she just died, went back to limping and running like total poo...couldnt get it right the rest of the night...however i fixed the fuel pump issue...

today, i wired the coolant temp sensor to the ecu , fan stopped coming on all the time, good sign ... another issue arises...the cars running better but not to its full potential...last night we lost the bolt and check ball that go into the manual boost controller...i threaded a bolt in there for now just a bit figguring that the vacuum lines were just gonna run straight through the case( i can see light when i look down into it) , any way im just stumped now , asides from that none of the running lights/dash lights work. any insight on any of this? questions?
2009-08-26 23:25:12
bump, still trying to figgure out why this car runs like dogsht ...ideas?
2009-08-27 01:40:23
You check for vac leaks and also get rid of that manual boost controller until you get the car running right. That pisses me off you are adding so many variable into the equation now your just chasing problems.
2009-08-27 01:49:44
Originally Posted by morgans432
You check for vac leaks and also get rid of that manual boost controller until you get the car running right. That pisses me off you are adding so many variable into the equation now your just chasing problems.

theres no vacuum leaks afaik, the boost gauge is pulling 12-17 in-hg of vac at idle, the variables were there from the get go however one by one weve gotten rid of them, so far : deleted the boost controller, went down to a step hotter plug(bkr6e), stock fpr, and fixed the cts....still no luck, the car continues to run richer than a mufuka, blows black smoke like crazy, im thinking theres gotta be a way to lean this thing out on the stock fpr, something thats not hooked up right, the o2 sensors wired in correctly and all the fuses are good to go

the only thing left is the aac/iac(dont know which one it has a purple plug tip on it)
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