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Thread: opinions on welded crank

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2008-01-16 16:44:43
opinions on welded crank
Long story short I will be doing an experiment on a factory DE crank. I was going to have the journals ground down .010" and run larger bearings, but when I got the crank back rod journal 3 was welded and ground down to size. I didn't think they would have had to do that but I guess it was needed.

The crank no longers has a roll-formed fillet, but instead is radiused to reduce stress risers. As far as heat treating I don't know but I will say that the crank went to a very reputable crank remanufacturer in the area. Will this crank hold up to my 400whp daily driver? Opinions are welcome.
2008-01-19 21:22:10
Ok I will be running this crank on my new VET. It has been polished and balanced perfectly. Shooting for 380whp on 1.2 bar. I will build another motor when I get some more money just as a spare, but this thing will be pretty hard to break! I think the weld will hold up awesome.
2008-01-21 00:02:51
Why did you do this? Stock cranks can hold much more than 400 easily, I'm sure even the 4 cw crank can. Did you modify it to change stroke length or what?
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